Quotes from Empress Orchid

Anchee Min ·  368 pages

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“The sun doesn't just hang on one family's tree”
― Anchee Min, quote from Empress Orchid

“I was happy not to be in his place. He could command my death, but not his. But then, what kind of power was his? He was a prisoner of himself.”
― Anchee Min, quote from Empress Orchid

“Prezirem ljude koji se svijaju kako vjetar puše.”
― Anchee Min, quote from Empress Orchid

“Like a singing river
You break out to flow freely
I am the mountain behind
Happily I watch you
Memory of us
Full and sweet”
― Anchee Min, quote from Empress Orchid

“Mother once told me that one had to lower one's head when passing under low eaves in order to avoid injury.”
― Anchee Min, quote from Empress Orchid

“Vjetar pokazuje svoje tijelo kroz drhtavo lišće.”
― Anchee Min, quote from Empress Orchid

“Zabranjeni grad je pjesma u svojem najčistijem obliku. On je moj duhovni vrt gdje mogu leći među cvijeće i otpočinuti.”
― Anchee Min, quote from Empress Orchid

About the author

Anchee Min
Born place: in Shanghai, China
Born date January 14, 1957
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