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“I’m currently imagining a few creative ways of causing you extraordinary amounts of pain.”
Kingsley raised his chin. Mere inches separated their faces.
“Stop flirting. You know we don’t have time for that.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Can I take a moment here to tell you both how cute your accents are when you're angry?"

Wesley and his father both looked at her, Wesley in shock, his father in disgust.

"Okay, that's a 'no' then. Carry on.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“I don’t believe in ghosts and neither should you, Kingsley.”
”Why not? I’ve been in love with a ghost for thirty years.”
Kingsley strolled over to the armchair and sat on the ottoman between the other man’s knees. Soren narrowed his eyes at him.
“The body’s not even cold yet. Eleanor’s been gone one day and you’re already trying to get me into bed again?”
”Again?” Kingsley laughed and rolled his eyes. “Always. Are you surprised?”
Soren shrugged. “Not really.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“I would have been an atheist but for you proving to me that both heaven and hell were real, even if they existed only when I was with you.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Pourquoi?" Kingsley demanded. "Why? You take her every way you can, every chance you have. Why her and not me?"

Soren hadn't replied, and for that Kingsley had been forever grateful. He knew the answer, but to hear it would have broken the one last unbroken part of his spirit.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“He wished that the mathematics of the world were like the mathematics of the heart - then his equal love and hate would mean he felt nothing instead of double.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Je suis le vôtre. J’étais toujours le vôtre, monsieur. I am yours. I have always been yours, sir. “Oui. Tu es le mien.” Yes, you are mine.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“God, how he loved Søren. Loved him. Loved him like a father, like a brother, like a friend and a lover…and loved him like the enemy that forced him to be stronger, smarter, wiser, braver. Søren had become everything to him….”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“He was fluent in nineteen modern languages, five ancient languages and the one true universal language—pain.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“I have nothing in me that you cannot break. I would let you destroy me, and then I would resurrect myself from my own ashes for the honor of being destroyed by you again.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“You stared at me constantly, followed me everywhere I went. You watched me sleep, Kingsley"
"How did you know that?"
Kingsey shivered as Søren's laugh rippled through the woods.
"I watched you watch me”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Wesley looked down at her and Nora could barely meet his brown eyes, which bored into her with the fiery love of a guardian angel. God probably had eyes like Wesley's.....anyone who looked into them wanted to immediately apologize for any and all sins ever committed.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Nora could hurt his body in beautiful ways. But only Søren could tear open his soul.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“You can break me again.” “I can’t break you.” Søren shook his head. “I never could. Your body, yes. But there is a core inside you that I could never touch, never reach, never break. It’s the part of you that was never afraid of me.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“I’ve always wanted to believe God made me this way for a reason.”
“I am the reason.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“You say you know me, Mr. Railey, but obviously, you don’t. If you did, you’d know I don’t spit out.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“As a child…I didn’t understand, couldn’t understand. I thought I’d been born broken.”
“Broken?” Kingsley could hardly believe his ears. "When I saw you the first time, I felt...healed. If you are broken, then I only pray someday I break too.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“This is your world, kid. Not mine. You know I don’t belong here.”
“You once told me you loved it down south.”
“I was talking about anal sex.”
“Of course you were.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Wesley…never fuck with a sadist. For Søren, torture’s just foreplay.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“For to get close to Søren meant walking through fire, stepping on glass, crawling through hell.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Hell is fine. Surely God wants nothing to do with us, anyway.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“And…” Søren continued, “it’s safer to be feared than loved. At least where I’m concerned.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“What is that verse? ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is nether slave nor free, there is neither male nor female…for you are all one in Kingsley’s bed.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“No commentary, Nora. Please,” he said as he pushed an arm inside the mare.
“I won’t say a single word,” she pledged as she took the horse’s head in her lap. “Except that this reminds me of my last date with Griffin.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“He had to be a hero for her. He wished the world still had dragons so he had something to slay for her.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Don’t make me laugh. You begged for it. Night after night, you begged for it.”
“Of course I did. Pain is the only way you know how to show love.”
“It’s not the only way I know how to show love. It’s the only way I chose to with you.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Would you choose to be like me, if you had the choice?” “I do choose it. You regret what you are only because you think you must keep others away from you. It will not keep me away.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Søren laid out feasts for her that she merely picked at, while Kingsley lapped up the crumbs that fell to the floor.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“Wesley rolled onto his back and Nora collapsed onto his chest. He let out a puff of air as she scrambled into position. “Are you made of lead?”
“I’m solid muscle and evil. Stop bitching and cuddle me.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

“I’m much younger than I look, I promise.” Nora’s smile broadened. “I’m aging horribly.”
― Tiffany Reisz, quote from The Prince

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