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“Have you ever seen An American Werewolf in London? Well, I'm not American. I'm not a werewolf, and this isn't London.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“Her wonderful, sweet, perfect, fairy-tale romance had turned out to have a twist. Prince Charming was a bloodsucker.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“They kissed gently, and Bastien pulled back and eyed her. “So, what are you doing for the next forty to fifty years?” “Hmm.” Terri smiled. “Actually, I don’t have any plans at the moment. I just quit my job and sold my cottage, so I’m rather at loose ends.” “Yeah?” He grinned. “Would you care to spend them with me?” “I thought you’d never ask,” Terri said with a smile. “Hmm.” His expression turned solemn, telling her what was coming was important to him. Bastien brushed one finger down her cheek, then asked, “Would you care to make it four to five hundred years or more? There’s a lot to do in this world, and it would be nice to do it all together.” Terri raised a hand to caress his cheek in return, and nodded. “I think I’d like that.” Bastien let his breath out on a sigh and hugged her tight. “Damn, woman. I love you.” Terri laughed as tears pooled in her eyes. “And I love you.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“There is something that I’ll need to discuss with you if you agree to marry me, but it isn’t that I’m terminally ill. I’m not ill at all.” “You want to marry me?” Terri asked with pleasure. Bastien rolled his eyes. “Terri, honey. I just flew two thousand three hundred miles chasing after you. It wasn’t to ask you on a date.” “Oh, Bastien!” She launched herself off the couch. Bastien caught her with an, “oomph,” then found his face peppered with little butterfly kisses.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“You’re very lucky. Bastien is a wonderful man. Smart, hardworking, nice, and a perfect gentleman, he’ll—” “Kate,” Terri interrupted. “We’re going to the museum. It isn’t necessarily a date. The man’s just being a good host until you get back.” “Uh-huh.” Her cousin didn’t sound convinced. “Have fun. I know you will. And tell him hello from us. We’ll call again in the next couple of days to see how the romance is progressing.” “There’s no romance to progress!” Terri protested. But she was speaking to dead air. Kate had already hung up the phone. Terri stared at the receiver in her hand with dismay.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“And Vincent was standing by the editor, glancing from him to Terri as if trying to decide who would make the tastier snack. Bastien wasn’t surprised when his gaze settled on Terri. “Bastien, I could use a bite,” his cousin announced as if on cue. “It was a long flight.” “You will eat out, thank you,” Bastien said firmly. “Okay,” Vinny agreed easily—too easily, Bastien thought. And he wasn’t surprised when his cousin turned to Terri and asked, “You wouldn’t happen to be hungry, would you? Care to step out for a bite?” “Actually—” “Mrs. Houlihan will make you something,” Bastien interrupted quickly, moving closer to Terri in a protective manner. He’d be damned if his cousin was going to sink his teeth into her. She was—well, she wasn’t on the menu.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“Bastien noticed that the two women hugged and touched and patted a lot. It was nice in one way, warm and affectionate, but he also felt a pinch of jealousy, wishing he was the recipient of some of those hugs, pats and touches. But Terri had been keeping her distance since Kate and Lucern had arrived. She’d even been avoiding eye contact, and that troubled him. He wanted to put his arm around her and claim her as his own. She didn’t seem to feel the same.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“Really. It’s plain for anyone to see that he cares for you. His eyes rarely leave you and he’s terribly attentive. I’m positive he’s in love with you, Terri.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“Bastien’s gaze dropped to Terri’s behind as he followed her out of the office. He was beginning to understand Lucern’s fascination with Kate’s behind. Not that he found Kate’s rear end fascinating, but Terri’s? Well, that was another matter.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“By rights, this should have been his spoonful if they were now going to share the sweet, so Terri was surprised when, instead of consuming the mouthful, Bastien started to move it toward her. She was even more surprised when he paused halfway and deliberately tipped it over her chest. Terri gasped and sat up straighter in surprise, merely sending the sticky mixture faster on its travels down the curve of her left breast. “You did that on purpose!” Bastien grinned. “It tastes better on you,” he said simply, then leaned forward to kiss her.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“She loves me?” Vincent nodded, then grinned. “Well? What are you waiting for? Get in your car and get to the airport. Follow her,” he said. “You have to go explain the truth. Tell her everything. She loves you, Bastien. You need to tell her you aren’t dying, and that she will never have to watch you die a long lingering death.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“Bastien still felt empty. Blood wasn’t what he was hungry for. What he yearned for. What he really wanted was someone of his own. Someone to complete him. He wanted to belong to someone. To someone who could accept his differences and embrace him with them. He wanted unconditional love. More to the point, he wanted Terri’s unconditional love.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

“You’re a vampire.” Her voice was disbelieving, and she was nodding her head up and down in a way that didn’t look promising. “Fine. Bite me.” Terri held her arm out in challenge, and Bastien frowned. “Terri, I don’t want to bite you,” he said. Then he paused and said more honestly, “Well, actually, I am a pit peckish right at the moment, but I’d rather not—” “Uh-huh. Bite me!” she snapped. “If you’re a vampire, bite me.” Bastien peered at her arm for a minute, then took it in hand, lifted it up, and bit her. “Ouch!” Terri leapt off the couch, retrieving her arm as she went. Bastien had to snap his teeth back double quick to keep from ripping her vein and flesh. “You bit me! You’ve got fangs!” “Now do you believe me?” Clutching her arm to her chest, she began to back away. “Please don’t be afraid of me, Terri. I love you,” he said softly, taking a step after her and holding out his hand in pleading.”
― Lynsay Sands, quote from Tall, Dark & Hungry

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