6+ quotes from Beast: An Estill County Mountain Man Romance #1 by Pepper Pace

Quotes from Beast: An Estill County Mountain Man Romance #1

Pepper Pace ·  401 pages

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“He looked at her in complete devotion. “We made a little baby…”

She smiled and giggled. “It wasn’t that hard either, was it?”

“I don’t know about you but I was working pretty hard.”
― Pepper Pace, quote from Beast: An Estill County Mountain Man Romance #1

“Christopher…you are the one that’s beautiful.” She lifted her head. “And not just on the inside. You’re beautiful on the outside, too. To me…you’re perfect.” She could see several emotions move across his face before his eyes half closed...

“You say that to me…and if you’re not careful you might end up stuck with me.” It was a warning.”
― Pepper Pace, quote from Beast: An Estill County Mountain Man Romance #1

“I never thought I’d have this.”
― Pepper Pace, quote from Beast: An Estill County Mountain Man Romance #1

“Christopher, baby, I love you. Completely. I love your looks and everything else about you.”

She felt his hand enclose around hers. “I know you do. Ashleigh…I love you so much that it scares me. Everything I do, I have you in mind.”
― Pepper Pace, quote from Beast: An Estill County Mountain Man Romance #1

“felt loneliness so vivid that he swore it had a taste.”
― Pepper Pace, quote from Beast: An Estill County Mountain Man Romance #1

“This is my life, TK; my woman, my baby, my life! Nothing comes before that!”
― Pepper Pace, quote from Beast: An Estill County Mountain Man Romance #1

About the author

Pepper Pace
Born place: in Cincinnati, Ohio, The United States
Born date October 9, 1965
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