Quotes from A Hope Undaunted

Julie Lessman ·  505 pages

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“He's waiting to love you like you've never been loved before.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Hope Undaunted

“You can. It's not a matter of feeling it, it's a matter of doing it - making the decision to bend that iron will of yours in God's direction so that He can hear your prayers and unleash blessings.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Hope Undaunted

“I've barely ever thought about Him. ... That doesn't mean he hasn't thought about you. You own a piece of God's heart, like a piece of puzzle that's missing. A piece nobody else can fill.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Hope Undaunted

“You own a piece of God's heart...like a piece of a puzzle that's missing. A piece nobody else can fill.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Hope Undaunted

“Peace ... He should market it! ... He does every day. Through grateful pieces of the puzzle like you and me.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Hope Undaunted

“The man she loved was no more than a mirage - his image ever-present and haunting, but as empty and out of reach as the love she'd hoped to have.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Hope Undaunted

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