Quotes from A Fall of Water

Elizabeth Hunter ·  420 pages

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“Have you seen what Gio’s wearing? Is it tights? Please tell me it’s tights.”
“Should it weird me out that you want to ogle my husband’s ass in a pair of tights?”
Dez just shook her head. “Not appreciating that ass would be like walking through the Sistine Chapel and not looking up.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“A guard spoke. “Stop, both of you! You may not enter the castle with weapons.”
Tenzin drew her sword in the space of a heartbeat, sliced off the head of the guard who spoke, and kept walking as the body crumbled to the ground. “Oh, really?”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“This is my hall. And I do not--”
She was cut off as a sharp spear of fire shot out of Arosh’s fingers. Livia pulled a guard in front of her, who immediately turned to ash.
“Shut up, woman. I am speaking.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Let it be enough, Tesoro. It has to be enough.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his tongue.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“So, how’s school? How’s everything going?”
“Can Gio hear us?”
… “Yes”
“Oh, well then, it’s going magnificently. I’m so fortunate to have a knowledgeable and patient teacher like my uncle, who is imparting his centuries of wisdom into my eager young mind.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“I think that maybe I do want to learn to play”
… “Oh, I think you’re quite adept at playing already, Tesoro.”
“No.” She giggled. “An instrument.”
“I’m allowing that joke to pass. Too obvious.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Was that on your husband profile right under your ability to burn pasta? Because, I'll be honest, anything after the description of your sexual skills I just skipped over.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“B, I swear, if you call her a cougar to her face, I will buy you a car.” Carwyn snickered. “A house. Maybe even an island.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Loving you has been the finest thing I have done in five hundred years … I do not tell you enough.”
She looked up and smiled. “You tell me every night.”
“It is not enough … It is never enough”
“It is enough.”
“No.” … “Never enough. It should be the unceasing prayer on my lips. The echo in every breath I take.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Tell the truth, why aren’t you going to kill me?”

“Because she is.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“One soul. Two bodies. My soul recognized its own. That is why I love you as I do. All the mysteries. All the secrets. That is the one truth we can hold to.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“I should be able to get her to you by dawn.”
“And yes, you will be somewhere very secluded.”
“Do me a favour, though, and try not to break any retaining walls, please.”
He smirked. “I’ll try my best, but I can’t make any promises.”
“You know what? You’re just going to buy this house from me. It’s sure to sustain damage, and I’ll never get the mental pictures out of my mind.”
“It’s not her, mind you. Picturing her--“
“It’s very important that you shut up now, Gavin.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Nothing will inflame your enemies more than your silence. Give them nothing. Nothing to accuse you with. Nothing to condemn you. Let your actions speak for themselves. Never talk to an enemy, but listen always.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Pride, my friends, is the deadliest of fires. While other flames burn the surface, pride burns from within. It works its way from the heart until it consumes you. And like any fire, it will eat its prey until it is smothered or quenched.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Are you being a guidance counselor again? Stop playing with your food.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“If your right hand was lame, wouldn’t your left miss its mate? You might get along without it, but you’d always be aware that something was missing. That’s natural, not weak.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

“Humanity”—he grinned—“really does not change that much, you will learn. But stories, the ebb and flow of ideas, creativity, all of these things are always changing.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, quote from A Fall of Water

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