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Quotes from Hostage to Pleasure

Nalini Singh ·  330 pages

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“She got to me."

"It happens to the best of us."

"Yeah? Who gets to you?" He was so strong that sometimes she worried. Everyone needed to bend a little, even a panther responsible for the lives of his entire pack.

"That damn wolf. He sent you a present last week."

Sascha smiled at the thought of Hawke's flirting. The SnowDancer alpha did it only to jerk Lucas's chain. "I never saw any present. What was it?"

"How the hell should I know? I stomped on it and threw it into the deepest crevice I could find." He smirked. "Then I called him to ask how Sienna was doing."

She burst out laughing. "Wicked, wicked man.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“When you want something so bad it hurts,” he said quietly, “and you bury it, bury it so deep that you convince yourself it no longer matters . . . and someone tells you you can have it, it's terrifying. What if you take the chance and you're wrong? What if you let yourself feel the loss and it's this huge pain and you can't put it back in the box?”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Truth was a tool. It should never simply be said. No, it had to be bent, twisted, colored, until it became a weapon.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Why are you sad, Dorian?"

He couldn't lie to her. "The leopard wants you to see it.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Make me forget." A whisper, a plea.

Not giving her what she wanted wasn't even an option. He switched their positions so she was under him. "Aren't you afraid I'll take advantage?"

She wiped away her tears. "Please do."

"Ask nice."

"Why don't I make you angry instead? That gets me kissed a lot.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Dropping her hand, she turned in his arms. Then, rising up on tiptoe, she cupped his face in her palms and drew him down. Her kiss was innocent, vulnerable, a caress so gentle that it made him her slave between one breath and the next.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“His hands clenched. "Sugar, I'm this close to tearing off your clothes and teaching you exactly how badly I take you keeping secrets from me. Your choice. Talk or get naked.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“I ain't no Psy, Ms. Aleine, but even us dumb animals know when two people start exchanging thoughts, something's going on."

She narrowed her eyes at his smug tone. "It was a coincidence."

"Baby, when I think about my body, I don't focus on my cock.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“When the darkness receded, she found herself lying on the bed, still half-dressed...and being watched by human eyes that held a very feline satisfaction. "I said slow."

He smiled. "Oops."

― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“If he was going to be held hostage to this unwanted compulsion, then she was damn well coming along for the ride.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Dorian grunted, staring out at the forest. "Where's Sascha?"

"In the aerie."

"You left her alone?"

"As my mate would say- she's a cardinal, fully capable of protecting herself."

"So you left at least two others on watch."

"Of course I did.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“I heard Tammy say you could be charming. I haven't seen any proof yet."

Oh, his cat like that. "I thought I was very charming when I petted you into orgasm." He shot her a look filled with sexual heat. "I plan to do more of that - right after I teach you about keeping secrets.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“God, I love your skin.”

“My skin?” She glanced uncomprehendingly at her own arm when he rose from nibbling at her. “It’s brown.”

“It’s melted chocolate and coffee with cream, exotic as the fucking desert, and so damn erotic. I have wet dreams about you naked on my sheets, your skin smooth and hot from the sun’s rays.”

She swallowed, chest heaving. “You make me sound edible.”

He purred. “You are.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“A few minutes?" Feeling suddenly shy, she crossed her arms over her chest. The smile on his face widened, becoming touched with the feral wildness of the cat. It made thinking difficult. "I believed males needed a longer recovery time to mate."

"Not this kitty cat." Rising to his feet, he said, "Get ready to play.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Sascha nodded. "Want me to wait?"

"Do I want my mate to wait in a deserted forest while a dangerous Psy fugitive remains on the loose? Wait, let me think."

"Sarcasm does not suit you." She kissed him again, laughter in her eyes.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“You're not a restful individual to be around"

Ashaya to Dorian”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“You're prone to mood swings."
Mood swings? he stopped halfway down the steps. "Women have mood swings. Not men.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Where did you get the control sample?" A flash of dark heat raced through him and he knew himself well enough to identify it as a dose of pure jealousy.
"From Tamsyn." A pause, as if she was debating whether to continue. "I know you'd react negatively if I approached a make. You're... possessive."
"Sugar, I'm way past possessive." His voice was no longer fully human.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Why shouldn't we kill you?" he asked the black-garbed male who came forward to meet him.

"We have no quarrel with you." The man's eyes were flat, his voice toneless. "We ask permission to enter your territory to hunt a Psy fugitive."

"Permission denied." Lucas folded his arms. "I don't make a habit of allowing enemies into my territory."

"This fugitive may be dangerous to you and your people."

Lucas smiled and it was nothing friendly. "Then the fugitive will die."

"We would prefer to capture this one alive."

"Didn't your mother ever tell you - you don't always get what you want?”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“She curled her fingers into his chest instead of complying. “You’re an incredibly handsome male,” she said. “Perfect bone structure, pure blond hair, eyes so blue they should be impossible. Your only ‘flaw’ is this tattoo.” She traced the three jagged lines on his right biceps. “It’s an echo of the markings on your alpha’s face.” He gave a short nod. “A symbol of absolute loyalty.” Her lips parted. “Knowing that just makes you even more dangerously beautiful.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

"I want my mummy in our web."
Dorian's heart kicked in his chest. "She will be." It was the one thing he wouldn't compromise on. And if that made him animal in his possessiveness, so be it.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“For crissakes, you're the frickin' poster boy for DarkRiver with your 'Gee, shucks, I'm harmless' act."

Dorian was used to being ribbed about his looks. With his blond hair and blue eyes, he looked more like a surfer hanging out for the right wave than blooded DarkRiver sentinel.
"Look who's talking, Miss Bikini Babe 2067.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“I'll buy you a blow-up doll. I'm sure my mate won't mind when I explain how hard up you are."

She didn't bother to punch him this time, just glared with promise of future retaliation. "Very funny. You wouldn't be laughing if you knew how sexually frustrated I am right now." [...] "The last time was when that SilverBlade sentinel was in town for a communications meeting."

All amusement left Dorian's face. "You serious? That was months ago." A very long time to go without intimate touch. "Merce, that could get dangerous."

"I know. Do you think I don't know?" She thrust her hands through her hair. "Damn it Dorian! It's getting to the point where I'm starting to wonder if some of the wolves would be good in bed. [...]

"Cat and wolf isn't a ... um ... normal combination."

"And Psy and cat is?" She made a face at him. "Yeah, yeah I know. Cat and wolf is strange." [...]

"How about one of the Rats?" Dorian's eyes gleamed.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Don't call her Tally in front of Clay", Dorian said, thinking of the small human female who loved Clay so desperately. "He's a little territorial."
Lucas's eyes flicked to Ashaya. "So are you."
Dorian wanted to bare his teeth, warn Lucas off against interfering. "Yeah, I am.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Vaughn raised an eyebrow at their guarded expressions. “What, do I smell like wolf now?” He sniffed at his arm. “Nope. I smell like my gorgeous Red.” A slow smile as he mentioned his mate and walked in.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“People always say it's changelings who most crave touch, but that's not the truth. A long time ago, long before Silence, Psy craved it more than any other."
He let her words was over him like affectionate rain. His mate, his mate, was trying to temper his grief, trying to tell him they weren't so very different after all.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“However, Dorian's acceptance of Andrew only went so far. And it was nowhere near enough to allow him this close to Ashaya. "What are you doing here?" Though SnowDancer and DarkRiver had free range over each other's territory, the wolves preferred to stick to the higher elevations.

Andrew's eyes shifted over Dorian's shoulder. "I can smell her."


The younger male grinned. "She's all over you, too. Is she as sexy as she smells?"

Dorian knew Andrew was deliberately jerking his chain. "Why don't you come closer and find out?"

"Do I look stupid?"

"You look like a wolf."

Andrew bared his teeth. "I thought we were friends."

"And I thought you got posted back to San Diego."

The other man shrugged. "I came back to visit my baby sister, check up on that mate of hers."

"She's fine," Dorian said, relaxing a little at Andrew's deliberately nonaggressive stance. "I've been keeping an eye on her."

"Yeah, I know. She's always muttering about how she has three over protective morons for brothers now. Andrew snorted. "Wait till she has a baby girl. I can't exactly see Judd being any less feral.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“I've got lots and lots and lots to tell you." He sounded excited. "I have friends. Ben's a wolf and Tally brought Noor to play, too. I'm going to marry Noor one day. And Ben's gonna mate with Marlee even if she is bigger than he is.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Your behavior isn't conforming to your known psychological profile.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

“Why would I want to share anything with a man who yells at me twenty-three hours of every day, then kisses me?”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Hostage to Pleasure

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