10+ quotes from Rogue Wave by Jennifer Donnelly

Quotes from Rogue Wave

Jennifer Donnelly ·  313 pages

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“I’M SO GLAD you’re not dumb, Yaz,” Neela said. Yazeed shot her a sidelong glace. “I thought you were going to say dead.” “That, too.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

“I want to have hope, I can’t help it, but I’m almost afraid to,” Serafina”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

Let no rough waters rend apart
Two who have become one heart.
For love's no love that can't withstand
A rogue wave breaking on the sand.

― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

Love must be constant, not ebb and flow,
Like storms and frets, tides high and low.
For love's not love if one must force
The beloved one to stay the course.

― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

As sure as the seabirds in flight,
As sure as the endless deep blue,
My love is as certain as sunrise.
I vow it will keep us both true.

― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

“The love of the sea folk is my strength. That was it. The answer she needed. It had been there all along. She heard Thalassa’s voice now: A ruler’s greatest power comes from her heart—from the love she bears her subjects, and the love they bear her. Vrăja’s: Nothing is more powerful than love. And Elena’s: Love’s the greatest magic of all.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

“Mfeme cracked his knuckles. "I'll ask you again: where is the talisman?"
"And I'll tell you again. I have no idea," Ling said.
"Do you think I'm joking? I'll cut you ears off and throw them to the sharks."
"Good. I won't have to listen to you anymore.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

“I'm so glad you're not dumb, Yaz," Neela said.
Yazeed shot her a sidelong glance. " I thought you were going to say dead."
"That too."
"Hey, thanks.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

“Sera was beginning to see that love wasn't pretty words and easy promises. Love was hard. It challenged you and changed you. It filled your heart and sometimes hardened it too. Love demanded sacrifices. She'd made many over the last few weeks, and knew she would be called upon to make many more.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

“She placed her hands at the sides of her enormous bosom and hiked it up. “Capito?” she said. “Make them bigger? They’re already up under my chin in this thing as it is!” “Si! Maggiore! Bigger!” Filomena said. Serafina tightened the bustier, then looked down at her cleavage. “It looks like I have two sea mounts stuck on the front of me. With an abyss between them,” she said. She peered at her reflection in the pool water. “All I can see is my chest!” “Buono! This is what soldati will see, too,” Filomena said. “Not the face.” She”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Rogue Wave

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