9+ quotes from Too Consumed by Skyla Madi

Quotes from Too Consumed

Skyla Madi ·  313 pages

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“There isn't a submission in the world that can force me to tap out. If you get me in a hold, you better be prepared to snap a bone or kill me because I will not surrender. Call me stubborn, I know I am. Call me competitive or spoiled, I'm those things too, but what I am not, is weak.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

“I watch her, amazed how my body does what she tells it to without hesitation and it's in this moment I realize, Olivia isn't mine... I'm hers.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

“It's hard to believe someone who walks around commanding so much attention with his acute cockiness, hard muscles, and tattoos would ever let someone like me bring him to his knees-and make no mistake, I bring him to his knees. I bring him to his knees, hard.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

“Before my fingers curl around the handle of the blind, Seth whips across, grabbing my wrist. I gasp as he pulls my hand away from it.
"Settle down, daredevil." He chuckles. "You might want to conquer your fears, but I'm fine hiding from mine.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

“I can tell you I love you to the moon and back, but as far as I'm concerned, it's not enough. I can tell you I love you to the next universe and back and the distance still isn't enough to describe how I feel. I love you. I love you more than any word, any object, any emotion and any measure of distance this life can ever depict.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

“If you want me, you get everything--my problems, my passions, my past--everything.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

“Time and space falls away as he holds me in his gaze. The building could be on fire right now, alarms could be blaring-sprinklers blasting-and I'd have no idea.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

“treat her right, or someone else will,”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

“I want to feel overwhelmed by love—so overwhelmed that it exhausts me and I fall asleep in his arms. That is a relationship. That is love.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Too Consumed

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Skyla Madi
Born place: in Australia
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