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Dean Koontz ·  386 pages

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“Given enough time, you could convince yourself that loneliness was something better, that it was solitude, the ideal condition for reflection, even a kind of freedom.

Once you were thus convinced, you were foolish to open the door and let anyone in, not all the way in. You risked the hard-won equilibrium, that tranquility that you called peace”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“Appearances are not reality; but they often can be a convincing alternative to it. You can control appearances most of the time, but facts are what they are. When the facts are too sharp, you can craft a cheerful version of the situation and cover the facts the way that you can covered a battered old four-slice toaster with a knitted cozy featuring images of kittens.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“A scar is not always a flaw. Sometimes a scar may be redemption inscribed in the flesh, a memorial to something endured, to something lost.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“There are people who want everybody dead. When you get over being surprised about that, you have a high amazement threshold.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“These days, people spent too much time striving to understand their feelings - and then ended up with none that were genuine.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“He, too, had been glassed-in for a long time, by choice. Now and then he had lifted a hammer to shatter through to something, but he had never struck the blow because he didn't know what he wanted on the other side of the glass.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“When a knot gets to tight, you can always cut the rope”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“By their subtle reversal of all images, mirrors seemed to be windows to another world in opposistion to this one, a world where everything appeared familiar but was infact profoundly different”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“Maybe it was this: The name of a person marked for murder is just a name, but the face makes real the cost of violence, for if we have the nerve to look, we can see in any face our own vulnerability.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“The killer walked with a light step that could be achieved only by someone not weighed down with a conscience, and went out into the night's embrace.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“Gradually, however, she revealed a frustration with the willful ignorance that is an abiding human trait, an indignation at the cruelty that people visit upon one another. She might see the world as hopeless, but she believed it did not have to remain that way.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“Fear is a hammer, and when the people are beaten finally to the conviction that their existence hangs by a frayed thread, they will be led where they need to go.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“Sudden falls can come to societies that know too little history or that have furnished their minds with easy one-note propaganda in place of the true complexity and terrible beauty of the storied past.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy

“Sorrow is not a raven perched persistently above a chamber door. Sorrow is a thing with teeth, and while in time it retreats, it comes back at the whisper of its name.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Good Guy


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Dean Koontz
Born place: in Everett, Pennsylvania, The United States
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