Quotes from Three Mistakes of My Life

Chetan Bhagat ·  257 pages

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“A 'very good friend' is a dangerous category with Indian girls. From here you can either make fast progress or if you play it wrong, you can go down to the lowest category invented by the Indian women ever - rakhi brother. Rakhi brother really means 'you can talk to me, but don't even freaking think about anything else you bore'.”
― Chetan Bhagat, quote from Three Mistakes of My Life

― Chetan Bhagat, quote from Three Mistakes of My Life

“One sidelong glance at his dad and Ish walked back home. ‘Where the hell are you going now?’ Ish’s dad said. ‘Match. Why? You want to curse me some more?’ Ish said. ‘When you’ve wasted your entire life, what’s another day?’ Ish’s father said and the neighbours half-nodded their heads in sympathy. We missed the final five overs of the match. Luckily, India won and Ish didn’t get that upset. ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ Ishaan jumped. ‘Gopi on me tonight.’ I love idiots. Actually, Ishaan is not an idiot. At least not as much as Omi. It”
― Chetan Bhagat, quote from Three Mistakes of My Life

“26 January is a happy day for all Indians. Whether or not you feel patriotic, it is a guaranteed holiday in the first month of the year.”
― Chetan Bhagat, quote from Three Mistakes of My Life

“And tell me, who will be more successful in life? The kid who knows all the chemical formulae or the one who knows teamwork, passion, discipline and focus?”
― Chetan Bhagat, quote from Three Mistakes of My Life

“God gives talent so that the ordinary person can become extraordinary. Talent is the only way the poor can become rich. Otherwise, in this world the rich would remain rich and the poor would remain poor. This unfair talent actually creates a balance, helps to make the world fair,”
― Chetan Bhagat, quote from Three Mistakes of My Life


About the author

Chetan Bhagat
Born place: in New Delhi, India
Born date April 22, 1974
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