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Stephen R. Lawhead ·  870 pages

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“I saw Byzantium in a dream, and knew that I would die there. That vast city seemed to me a living thing: a great golden lion... I felt the dread jaws close on me as I stood screaming.

Then I awoke; but my waking brought neither joy nor relief. For I rose not to life, but to the terrible certainty of death. I was to die, and the golden towers of Byzantium would be my tomb. ~ Aidan”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Byzantium

“The Lord came, not to remove our suffering, but to show us the way through it to the glory beyond.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Byzantium

“Truth, they say, is a cold and bitter draught; few drink it undiluted.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Byzantium

“Well, I was thinking this very thing. I was thinking: I am going to die today, but Jesu also died, so he knows how it is with me. And I was thinking, would he know me when I came to him? Yes! Sitting in his hall, he will see me sail into the bay, and he will run down to meet me on the shore; he will wade into the sea and pull my boat onto the sand and welcome me as his wayfaring brother. Why will he do this? Because he too has suffered, and he knows, Aeddan, he knows.” Beaming, Gunnar concluded, “Is that not good news?”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Byzantium

“Life is a school of the spirit, Aidan,” Ruadh intoned with gentle insistence. “Learning is our soul’s requirement, and”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Byzantium

“Life is a school of the spirit, Aidan,” Ruadh intoned with gentle insistence. “Learning is our soul’s requirement, and suffering our most persuasive teacher.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Byzantium

“Fear arises from uncertainty. Where there is perfect certainty, there is no fear.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Byzantium

About the author

Stephen R. Lawhead
Born place: in Kearney, Nebraska, The United States
Born date July 2, 1950
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