5+ quotes from The Wave by Morton Rhue

Quotes from The Wave

Morton Rhue ·  138 pages

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“Strength through discipline! Strength through community! Strength through action!”
― Morton Rhue, quote from The Wave

“Overcome with anger, David grabbed her other arm. Why did she have to be so stubborn? Why couldn’t she see how good The Wave could be? “We can stop you, and we will!”
― Morton Rhue, quote from The Wave

“More and more he'd begun to recognize the position of importance his students were unconsciously forcing upon him - the ultimate leader of The Wave.”
― Morton Rhue, quote from The Wave

“Was it a weakness of man that made him want to ignore the darker side of his fellow human beings?”
― Morton Rhue, quote from The Wave

“Was it really true that the natural inclination of people was to look for a leader? Someone to make decisions for them? Indeed, the faces looking up at him said it was. That was the awesome responsibility any leader had, knowing that a group like this would follow. Ben began to realize how much more serious this 'little experiment' was than he'd ever imagined. It was frightening how easily they would put their faith in your hands, how easily they would let you decide for them. If people were destined to be led, Ben thought, this was something he must make sure they learned: to question thoroughly, never to put your faith in anyone's hands blindly.”
― Morton Rhue, quote from The Wave

About the author

Morton Rhue
Born place: in New York City, The United States
Born date May 5, 1950
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