5+ quotes from The Star Garden by Nancy E. Turner

Quotes from The Star Garden

Nancy E. Turner ·  320 pages

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“A woman who dreams of a good home with a man who holds for her only a poor love is putting a $50 saddle on a $20 horse. She'd be far better off single than riding with him.”
― Nancy E. Turner, quote from The Star Garden

“Udell was an ordinary man, I thought, but a man with an extraordinary way of thinking. That was truly worth more than gold: extraordinary thinking.”
― Nancy E. Turner, quote from The Star Garden

“Reckon women don't think like men." "Why on earth don't they learn how?" I rubbed my face. "Ain't meant to, honey." I smiled and kissed his brow. "It occurs to us to ask the same thing. Keeps the world turning, I suspect.”
― Nancy E. Turner, quote from The Star Garden

“I can see being angry with folks. Shoot, I'd about hang Chess on the laundry line any day of the week, but I don't shun him. Shunning's no way to get over and done with your fussing. It just drives in a sword that won't come out unless the person holding it pulls first.”
― Nancy E. Turner, quote from The Star Garden

“A woman who dreams of a good home with a man who holds for her only a poor love is putting a fifty-dollar saddle on a twenty-dollar horse. She’d be far better off single than riding with him.”
― Nancy E. Turner, quote from The Star Garden

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Nancy E. Turner
Born place: Dallas, Texas , The United States
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