Quotes from The Soldiers of Halla

D.J. MacHale ·  594 pages

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“Before I can face the future, I must first deal with the past.”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“It wasn't that I didn't trust Mark's flying, it was just that, okay, I didn't trust Mark's flying.”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“Oh yeah, and Spader was hanging out with a penguin"
-Bobby Pendragon”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“Courtney came over to me and touched my cheek. I winced. It hurt.
You look like hell," Courtney said.
I shrugged.
She looked at Saint Dane, then back at me. "He looks worse." She smiled. "Awesome.”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“There are no simple answers in life. There is a good and bad in everyone and everything. No decision is made without consequence. No road is taken that doesn't lead to another. What's important is that those roads always be kept open, for there's no telling what wonder they might lead to.”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“And so we go.' It's my way of saying that I'm prepared for the next adventure. The next chapter. The next challenge. Whatever comes my way, I'm ready for it. Because that truly is the way it was meant to be...”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“Do you know how hard it is to gather seventy thousand people? Especially people who are confused and scared that they might be eaten by hungry dinosaurs?”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“We took the elevator back down from the first observation level of the Eiffel Tower and started walking in he direction of the Taj Mahal”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“I knew what Saint Dane was sensing. I knew why he was confused. he thought I was done. He thought we were done. He was wrong, and that's what he was sensing. He felt our presence. I figured I might as well confirm things for him.
"Pendragon, don't--," Patrick warned.
I stepped out fron behind the pillar into the light.
"Man, that suit is just wicked cool!" I called out.”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla

“We may have been like needles in a hay stack, but they were like needles . . . in a stack of needles”
― D.J. MacHale, quote from The Soldiers of Halla


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D.J. MacHale
Born place: in Greenwick, CT, The United States
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“On the wall next to the door we’d entered through was a huge floor-to-ceiling bulletin/whiteboard combo and hanging from a thumbtack on the bulletin board amongst pictures and other various sorts of memorabilia was my bra. It’d been washed but it still had
a good many blotches of pink on it. If that wasn’t shocking enough, the dialogue written over the last two weeks on the whiteboard pertaining to said bra certainly was. I’ll include the copy just so you can truly appreciate what I’m dealing with here.
Tristan’s Mom: What’s this?
Tristan: A size 34B lace covered slingshot.
Jeff: Nice!
Tristan’s Mom: Do I want to know?
Tristan: I don’t know, do you?
Tristan’s Mom: Not really. Are you planning on returning it or did you win some kind of prize?
Tristan: I plead the fifth.
Tristan’s Dad: Well done son.
Jeff: Ditto!
Tristan’s Mom: Don’t encourage him.
Tristan: Gee, thanks Mom.
Tristan’s Dad: Can’t a father be proud of his only child?
Tristan’s Mom: He doesn’t need your help…obviously.
Tristan’s Dad: That’s because he takes after me.
Tristan: Was there anything else I can do for you two?
Tristan’s Mom: Tell her I tried to get the stains out, but I’m afraid they set in before I got to it.
Tristan: I’m sure she’ll appreciate your effort, but if I’m any judge (and I’d like to think I am) its
size has caused it to become obsolete and she needs to trade up.
Jeff: I’m so proud.
Tristan: Thanks man.
Tristan’s Mom: A name would be nice you know.
Tristan: Camie.
Tristan’s Mom: Do we get to meet her?
Tristan: Sure. I’ll have my people call your people and set it up.
Tristan’s Mom: I don’t know why I bother. Do you want anything from the store?
Tristan: Yeah, Camie’s sleeping over tonight and I promised her bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Jeff’s got the eggs covered but could you pick up some bacon for us and maybe a box of Twinkies
for the bus? Thanks, you’re the best.
Jeff: I have the eggs covered?
Tristan’s Dad: He gets his sense of humor from you.
Tristan’s Mom: Flattery will get you everywhere. How would you like your eggs prepared dear?”
― Jenn Cooksey, quote from Shark Bait

“But the Scriptures say that as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is Hashem’s mercy toward us. As far as the east is from the west, so far has Hashem removed our sins from us. We can be forgiven. And then we can begin to live new lives from that day forward.”
― Lynn Austin, quote from While We're Far Apart

“You can't kill an American Citizen without benefit of a trial."
"I can if you're on the list, traitor."
"LIST? What list? What the hell are you talking about?"
BLACK LIST, July 24”
― Brad Thor, quote from Black List

“The world is always ruled by a maniac. - Baba Yaga”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

“Marcus Akida was always a sight to behold whenever he entered a room. Though he had the typical ash blonde hair and clouded eyes, his skin shone with the same ebony brilliance that it had the day he was captured… in Tanzania. At a lean and muscular 6’4”, in the heavy red robe of the Seers, he was at once angel and demon; beautiful and terrifying.”
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