5+ quotes from Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa

Quotes from Children of Eden

Joey Graceffa ·  278 pages

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“But alone is good. Alone is safe.”
― Joey Graceffa, quote from Children of Eden

“But there's always a price, to every decision.”
― Joey Graceffa, quote from Children of Eden

“What do you dream about?” she asks me.
“Finding someone,” I say immediately. “Someone who I can trust, someone who makes me complete.” I bite my lip, and my face flushes hot. “That's stupid, I know. It's just that I never had anybody, really. Not someone who I chose, or who chose me.”
Lark rolls toward me, propping herself up on her elbow. She looks into my eyes and says solemnly, “I chose you.”
Then, slowly, she bends until her lips touch mine. Her lilac hair tumbles over us, and though it I can see the stars shining. Oh Earth, they're spinning! They're dancing…”
― Joey Graceffa, quote from Children of Eden

“Why on Earth then do some people have so much, some so little? It makes no sense. The”
― Joey Graceffa, quote from Children of Eden

“For a second I marvel at the technology humans can create. How did we get to be so powerful, but so destructive? With so much intelligence, couldn’t we see the point past which one begets the other? We”
― Joey Graceffa, quote from Children of Eden

About the author

Joey Graceffa
Born place: in Marlborough, Massachusetts, The United States
Born date May 16, 1991
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