6+ quotes from The Girl Who Fell by S.M. Parker

Quotes from The Girl Who Fell

S.M. Parker ·  320 pages

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“Darkness doesn't have fingers that twist into my flesh.”
― S.M. Parker, quote from The Girl Who Fell

“A small metal marble pinballs within my chest, banging and clanging against all the routes inside me.”
― S.M. Parker, quote from The Girl Who Fell

“His chair glides a few inches closer and he's in my face, all shoulders and cologne.”
― S.M. Parker, quote from The Girl Who Fell

“It's not the game, Zee. It's the fame. Everyone wants to be affiliated with a winner.”
― S.M. Parker, quote from The Girl Who Fell

“Lying on my bed, my brain cyclones with thoughts of men and boys and boys and men. All making the wrong choices.”
― S.M. Parker, quote from The Girl Who Fell

“That's not what it looked like'
He hangs his ha. "I know what it looked like. I wanted it to look that way.'
'Because I'm an idiot.' he brushes away a teardrop that creeps along his cheek. His eyes meet mine. 'I wanted to show you how you hurt me.'
'When have I hurt you like that? I've never even looked at another guy'
'See? You don't get it. That's why I needed to teach you a lesson.”
― S.M. Parker, quote from The Girl Who Fell

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S.M. Parker
Born place: Boston
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