7+ quotes from Betrayal by Aleatha Romig

Quotes from Betrayal

Aleatha Romig ·  232 pages

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“This man dominated every situation. He was a man who knew what he wanted and took it.”
― Aleatha Romig, quote from Betrayal

“Our first time,” he said, “because there will be more than one time, won’t be what you deserve.”
― Aleatha Romig, quote from Betrayal

“Our first time will be what you want, what you fantasize about. I’m going to take you, right here, right now.”
― Aleatha Romig, quote from Betrayal

“I was once again, Miss Alexandria Charles Montague Collins, the flawless proper lady, pretentious to the help, and people pleaser—the well-bred Southern belle who wore the mask of perfection because no one wanted to see the truth underneath.”
― Aleatha Romig, quote from Betrayal

“DREAMS, LIKE FAIRYTALES, all come to an end. We wake or turn that final page. There’s no escaping it. It may take days, years, or an entire lifetime, but forever doesn’t truly exist.”
― Aleatha Romig, quote from Betrayal

“I looked into the pale blueness of his eyes.”
― Aleatha Romig, quote from Betrayal

“hope was nothing but a vindictive bastard that took up residence inside and gave a false promise of something outside of your control.”
― Aleatha Romig, quote from Betrayal

About the author

Aleatha Romig
Born place: in Kalamazoo, Michigan, The United States
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