Quotes from Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures

Walter Moers ·  684 pages

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“Lest soviel ihr könnt! Lest Straßenschilder und Speisekarten, lest die Anschläge im Bürgermeisteramt, lest von mir aus Schundliteratur - aber lest! Lest! Sonst seid ihr verloren!”
― Walter Moers, quote from Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures

“Rumo!" said Rumo.
"That's right!" Smyke exclaimed. "You Rumo, me Smyke."
"You Rumo, me Smyke." Rumo repeated eagerly.
"No, no." Smyke chuckled.”
― Walter Moers, quote from Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures

“If flatness were funny, a dinner plate would be hilarious.”
― Walter Moers, quote from Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures

“Approaching the forest from the west was no army, but a delegation of Grailsundanian master surgeons on their way to an appendix conference . . . But that isn't the craziest part of the story - oh, no, my boy, for approaching from the east was a party of itinerant watchmakers bound for the pocket-watch fair at Wimbleton . . . But not even that is the craziest part of the story! For apporaching from the south were over a hundred armourers and locksmiths on their way to Florinth, where some power-hungry prince had commissioned them to build a monstrous war machine . . . Well, that would be enough crazy coincedences for an averagely crazy story but the battle of Nurn Forest involved the most improbable coincedences in the history of Zamonia. For entering the forest, this time from the north came a delegation of alchemists.”
― Walter Moers, quote from Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures

“Einen Rumo zu spielen, bedeutete einerseits, das Schicksal herauszufordern und alles - wirklich alles - zu riskieren. Andererseits versprach es die Möglichkeit eines haushohen Sieges. So kam Rumo zu seinem Namen. (Rumo & Die Wunder im Dunkeln, S. 39)”
― Walter Moers, quote from Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures

About the author

Walter Moers
Born place: in Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Born date May 24, 1957
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