Quotes from The Fate of Ten

Pittacus Lore ·  416 pages

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“You have to know, from the moment I saw you outside Paradise High, I knew. I knew we were going to fall in love. And I've never regretted even a second of it. Not even now. I love you with all my heart. I always will. It was... it was all worth it. - Sarah Hart”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“Five swoops down, flames extinguished. Instead of going in for another strike, Five catches Nine by the wrist in midair. He lowers him gently to the ground. In response, Nine punches him right in the face. Because of course he does.”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“Leave here. Never return. Maybe one day, you can find a way to heal what's been damaged, here and inside you. Until that day comes... goodbye! - Pittacus Lore”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“People slept in front of the store for these things,” she says, holding up the dead phone for me to inspect. “Shit goes down, though . . . lot of people drop everything and run.”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“You lose track of time when you're deep in conservation with an otherworldly being made of pure Loric energy.”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“I still don't have all the answers, but I'm no longer afraid to confront the questions.”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“Walker covers the mouthpiece of the phone and holds it out for me. “John, uh, I have the president on the line for you.”
I stare at her. “What? Seriously?”
Walker nods. “He’s apparently . . . um, changed his opinion on fully supporting the Loric. He wants you in Washington right away to discuss strategy.”
I’m about to talk to the president. I shake my head, eyeing Walker. “This isn’t some kind of trick, is it?”
“No,” Walker says, shaking the phone at me. “He’s for real. It sounds nuts but, apparently, his older daughter just experienced some kind of . . . vision? Where you gave a speech?”
Sam can’t hold back the laughter. “Get out!”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten




― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“Twelve down, like a hundred thousand left to go.”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“Whatever you're thinking, it's a bad idea.”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“You are not responsible for the murderous rampage of an alien psycho, okay?”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

“In response, Nine punches him right in the face. Because of course he does.”
― Pittacus Lore, quote from The Fate of Ten

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