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Meg Cabot ·  293 pages

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“You know. Life's short. If you don't try new things, you'll never know what you're best at. And you can only make time for new things by quitting the things you know don't work for you.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“But I guess you would look beatific, too, if the man you had been in love with since the fifth grade had told you that he was in love with you, too.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“The fact that he was willing to sacrifice his own face in order to keep mine from getting bashed in”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“I was in love with Scott Bennett. That I had been in love with him my whole life, practically.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“We kissed all the way through the fireworks display. We didn’t even notice that there was a fireworks display… …I guess because we’d been making fireworks of our own.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“Because my heat was too full of appreciation for what my friends-- my real friends-- had done for me.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“She'd realize Steve was her soul mate and that she would never love anyone as much as she loved him.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“I thought if you wore that, no matter what face you saw every morning in the mirror," he said in his deep voice, "you'll never forget who you really are."
My eyes filling with tear, I held my hand out across the tabletop. He grasped my fingers, his grip strong and reassuring.
"As if I ever could," I said, my voice clogged with emotion, "with you around to remind me.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I said. Because nothing was wrong. For the first time in my entire life, it seemed, everything was suddenly, fantastically right.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

“You know. Life’s short. If you don’t try new things, you’ll never know what you’re best at. And you can only make time for new things by quitting the things you know don’t work for you.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Teen Idol

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Meg Cabot
Born place: in Bloomington, Indiana, The United States
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