Quotes from Nor Iron Bars a Cage

Kaje Harper ·  320 pages

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“Each moment of love in the world lifts us all up. Any kind of love.”
― Kaje Harper, quote from Nor Iron Bars a Cage

“I looked up at the shelf that held my books. I had dozens now. Faithful friends who took me on journeys without judgement and without pity.”
― Kaje Harper, quote from Nor Iron Bars a Cage

“I will never force you,” he said. “I’ll try never to hurt you, but no man can safely promise that. Any hurt I do to you, I will be desperately sorry for and try to repair.”
― Kaje Harper, quote from Nor Iron Bars a Cage

“Xan had helped me in the end. Let him be an uncomplicated hero.”
― Kaje Harper, quote from Nor Iron Bars a Cage

“What good is a book no-one can read, save for the paper?" He was lucky I'd had to let him live. If my glare could have started a fire, he'd have been charred.”
― Kaje Harper, quote from Nor Iron Bars a Cage

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Kaje Harper
Born place: in Canada
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