5+ quotes from The Darkness Dwellers by Kirsten Miller

Quotes from The Darkness Dwellers

Kirsten Miller ·  416 pages

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“I'll teach Amelia Beauregard a thing or two. - Molly”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Darkness Dwellers

“You know the Wicked Witch of Tenth Street? - Ananka's mother, to Principal Wickham”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Darkness Dwellers

“Who's Thyrza?" Molly asked.
"What? Oh, some World War II femme fatale. Amelia Beauregard's boyfriend ran away with her."
"That was my grandmother's name.”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Darkness Dwellers

“You know how to tail people?" I asked.
My mother shrugged and kept her mouth shut, but her devilish smile said everything.”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Darkness Dwellers

“If we get lucky, it will grow hair.”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Darkness Dwellers

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