Quotes from Tournament of Losers

Megan Derr ·  229 pages

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“Love token? So far you've given me a farthing charm and a book of manners I don't need. No wonder you idiots need a tournament to get married." Tress”
― Megan Derr, quote from Tournament of Losers

“It looked like it could use a drink," his father mumbled. "I gave it some gin." "Spirits”
― Megan Derr, quote from Tournament of Losers

“Maybe drinking five or six ales before getting into a massive brawl hadn't been the wisest choice.”
― Megan Derr, quote from Tournament of Losers

“The first hit is always yours.”
― Megan Derr, quote from Tournament of Losers

“Rath laughed. "Well I don't recall yours either, so we'll call it even.”
― Megan Derr, quote from Tournament of Losers

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Megan Derr
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