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“When the sun sets like fire,
I will think of you,
when the moon casts its light,
I'll remember, too,
if a soft rain falls gently,
I'll stand in this place,
recalling the last time,
I saw your kind face.
Good fortune go with you,
to your journey's end,
let the waters run calmly,
for you, my dear friend.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Loamhedge

“The crafty otter produced a flat pebble from his helmet, spat on one side of it, and held it up for the bird to see. 'Right, I'll spin ye. Dry side, I win, wet side, you lose. Good?' The honey buzzard nodded eagerly... Buteo's keen eyes watched every spin of the stone until it clacked down flat on the deck. Garfo grinned from ear to ear. 'Wet side! You lose!”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Loamhedge

“Friendship is the greatest gift one can give to another.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Loamhedge

“When weary day does shed its light, I rest my head and dream, I ride the great dark bird of night, so tranquil and serene. Then I can touch the moon afar, which smiles up in the sky, and steal a twinkle from each star, as we go winging by.   We’ll fly the night to dawning light, and wait ’til dark has ceased, to marvel at the wondrous sight, of sunrise in the east. So slumber on, my little one, float soft as thistledown, and wake to see when night is done, fair morning’s golden gown.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Loamhedge

“Have you been travelling, my young friend? Come in out of the darkness and rain. Sit by the fire, eat, drink and rest yourself. Life is one long journey from beginning to end, you know. We all walk different roads, both with our bodies and our minds. Some of us lose heart and fall by the wayside, whilst others go on to realise their dreams and desires.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Loamhedge

About the author

Brian Jacques
Born place: in Liverpool, The United Kingdom
Born date June 15, 1939
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