Quotes from The Dark Mirror

Juliet Marillier ·  561 pages

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“His thoughts inhabit a different plane from those of ordinary men; the simplest interpretation of that is to call him crazy.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

“There was so much of beauty here: the neat, small tracks of a foraging creature, stoat or marten; the inticate tracery of a skeleton leaf, still clinging vainly to its parent tree as, little by little, time stripped it of its substance, leaving only the delicate remembrance of what it had been.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

“Tales within tales. Dreams within dreams. Pattern on pattern and path beyond path. For such short-lived folks, the human kind seem determined to make things as complicated as possible for themselves.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

“Love...it complicates our games, old friend, it insinuates itself, disrupting the most carefully laid plans and unmanning the most disciplined heart.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

“Aquilo pertubava Bridei porque lhe parecia que só havia um mundo e que, se tinha defeitos, as pessoas não se deviam queixar deles, mas dar passos para o mudar”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

“You speak like a jealous lover."

-Fola to Broichan”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

“It is a strange attitude, to view a woman merely as an object to be taken; to be so overwhelmed by the body’s cravings that a man must satisfy them even at such a cost.”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

“Amazing, I thought nobody could tell that man what to do."

-Foalan to Bridei
Talking about Broichan”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

“son. This was a revelation. The more she considered”
― Juliet Marillier, quote from The Dark Mirror

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Juliet Marillier
Born place: in Dunedin, New Zealand
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“It's not that I'm complaining,' said Angua, 'but when we were assigned this job I thought it was me who was going to be the decoy and you who was going to be the back up, Nobby.'
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― Robert Jordan, quote from Towers of Midnight

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