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Louise Blackwick ·  296 pages

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“As the Weaver, so is the Thread”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“Listen to me, dear. When life hands you something, you take it, for in all likelihood, there’s a large crisis heading your way.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“A day may come when all hope is lost; when the oceans run red with our blood, and our darkest hour is upon us— and when it comes, that red day of reckoning, we turn, my dears, not to our rulers-in-good-times, but to our leaders-in-bad-times.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“Vivian’s first impression of Solidago was that she had travelled back in time, but not to a time where architecture had been invented. All houses were twisted out of shape, to say the least. Windows either too large to open or too small to make a difference peppered the city in places one would never dream of having one.

The walls were mostly cast in brickwork by the kind of stonemason whose day job was financial advising. Skewed walls with more bricks than mortar, knotted chimneys keeping the smoke inside and cupping rooftops whose main purpose was to gather rainwater – Solidago had it all and more.

As the oldest civilization of the cosmos, Alarians might have been excellent at healing, philosophizing and weaving into the fabric of reality, but they were very poor city builders.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“By weaving their thoughts and feelings into the substance of reality, the Weavers had ensured anyone writing about them would secure an instant bestseller – which wasn’t particularly difficult, considering the Weavers held the strings on the one holding the pen.

Those who controlled the Pattern, controlled reality.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“Her attention was now drawn upon a boy whose imagination had the potential to change the face of reality. Unfortunately for him, Ærinna liked reality the way it was: fluid, slippery and with a brick in it. The case was quickly resolved by giving the young boy an appetite for procrastination.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“Beyond a thin veil of space stretched Existence, the frailest and most imbalanced reality of the cosmos. No one was really sure why it was imbalanced, but some believed it had something to do with the general alcohol consumption per capita.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“Why have you climbed all the way up here? What were you looking for? Would I be too presumptuous to assume you were looking for help? That you hoped you would hear something that would be of guidance – of relevance – to you, young members of a reality that is running out of time?”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“The multiverse has selected its champions – had selected you – and yet under the blazing suns, here we stand: self-seeking and imperfect, lacking in wisdom, lacking in courage, afraid of death and of pain; afraid of our choices and the consequences they bring—’

‘—and you ask yourselves: if only I could be that one person that makes it all better; that stops the degrading of worldly values. If only I could be that brave person that brings out the good in the bad.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“Your badges represent just that: your choice, your conscious choice to place yourselves outside a predefined path; beyond the care of omniscient beings, and into your own capable hands.

For a Weaver’s freewill is absolute; a Weaver is a master of their own life; a Weaver creates their own reality – but more importantly – a Weaver is responsible for reality.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“At the Twilight of Gods bides the Weaver of Odds.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds

“Our dream of happiness is waiting for another universe to collide with our own, and change what we ourselves cannot.”
― Louise Blackwick, quote from The Weaver of Odds


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