8+ quotes from The Council of Mirrors by Michael Buckley

Quotes from The Council of Mirrors

Michael Buckley ·  352 pages

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“I'm going to teach you the art of swordsmanship-or in other words, how to totally kill someone with a sharp, pointy thing.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

“Save the people you love, who cares about the rest of the world? - Uncle Jake”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

“Puck flapped up to the happy couple. "Wait a minute! You have to ask someone to marry you? No one told me that! I thought you just hit them with a club and dragged them back to your cave!"
Henry put his arm around Sabrina. "You're officially grounded from ever getting married."
"Thank you," Sabrina whispered sincerely.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

“You can't ground us. We're homeless," Daphne said.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

“The world is always ruled by a maniac. - Baba Yaga”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

“But that is love, isn't it? It's terribly inconvenient. It sweeps you up and stales your attention and slows down your work. our labors fall behind, our friends report us missing, and everything comes to a screeching halt! Everything, that is, except what truly matters in this life --- true love. We've all been there. We know the feelings. So when we see it in a friend, a dear, dear friend, we throw down our work and we celebrate. We rejoice. We raise a glass. Because when we recognize it in the hearts of friends, it reminds us of how important it is in our own. Mr. Seven, you are and always have been my companion and friend. You have made me a better man, and almost on a daily basis you have reminded me that I too need to celebrate the love in my life. - William Charming”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

“Girls, I need to tell you some things about our family," Sabrina said. "Have you ever heard of the Brothers Grimm?”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

“I'm soooooo telling." Puck stood behind her. "You two disobeyed your parents! I'm both shocked and really impressed.”
― Michael Buckley, quote from The Council of Mirrors

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Michael Buckley
Born place: Akron, Ohio, The United States
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“Everything went black in the shocking folds of his embrace. She was very startled and near to sobbing.
'Caw, caw,' echoed his raincoat.
'Don't be frightened,' he said. 'It is only poor Finn, who will do you no harm.'
She recovered herself a little, though she was still trembling. She could see her own face reflected in little in the black pupils of his subaqueous eyes. She still looked the same. She saluted herself. He was only a little taller than she and their eyes were almost level. Remotely, she wished him three inches taller. Or four. She felt the warm breath from his wild beast's mouth softly, against her cheek. She did not move. Stiff, wooden, and unresponsive, she stood in his arms and watched herself in his eyes. It was a comfort to see herself as she thought she looked.
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