8+ quotes from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

Quotes from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

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“she would fill the silence with her own sweet voice.”
― quote from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

“How different it could all have been … Taylor Swift was never meant to be a singer-songwriter; she was supposed to become a stockbroker. Her parents even chose her Christian name with a business path in mind. Her mother, Andrea, selected a gender-neutral name for her baby girl so that when she grew up and applied for jobs in the male-dominated finance industry no one would know if she were male or female. It was a plan that came from a loving place, but it was not one that would ever be realised. Instead, millions and millions of fans across the world would know exactly which gender Andrea’s firstborn was, without ever meeting her. In Taylor’s track ‘The Best Day’, which touchingly evokes a childhood full of wonder, she sings of her ‘excellent’ father whose ‘strength is making me stronger’. That excellent father is Scott Kingsley Swift, who studied business at the University of Delaware. He lived in the Brown residence hall. There, he made lots of friends, one of whom, Michael DiMuzio, would later cross paths with Taylor professionally. Scott graduated with a first-class degree and set about building his career in similarly impressive style. Perhaps a knack for business is in the blood: his father and grandfather also worked in finance. Scott set up his own investment-banking firm called the Swift”
― quote from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

“Taylor feels the Swifties are of a different and higher calibre. ‘I just feel so proud that my fans are always nice to other fans,’ she told the Digital Spy website. ‘They don’t say hateful things. They don’t say they’re going to set people on fire or anything. They’re not sending death threats to other people.’ The”
― quote from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

“blossom during and beyond her childhood. ‘We were more sisters than friends,’ Maack told the Reading Eagle. ‘Taylor’s family was my family.’ Yet this bond was not enough to paper over the cracks of hurt that Taylor felt when kids bullied her. Lots of kids found her ‘annoying’ and ‘uncool’. Among her offences to coolness was the fact that she was not”
― quote from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

“Taylor first lived on the 11-acre Christmas-tree”
― quote from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

“Best Day’, which touchingly evokes a childhood full of wonder, she sings of her ‘excellent’ father whose ‘strength is making me stronger’. That excellent father is Scott Kingsley Swift, who studied business”
― quote from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

“she was not ‘cool’ enough to be in such a position – a legacy of her school experiences, perhaps.”
― quote from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

“Taylor Swift was never meant to be a singer-songwriter; she was supposed to become a stockbroker.”
― quote from Taylor Swift: The Whole Story

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