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6+ quotes from The Husband by Dean Koontz

Quotes from The Husband

Dean Koontz ·  400 pages

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“Stay with me, God. The night is dark, The night is cold: My little spark Of courage dies. The night is long; Be with me, God, and make me strong.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Husband

“That Love is all there is, Is all we know of Love…. —Emily Dickinson”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Husband

“She can put her life in Mitch's strong hands and fall at once into a dreamless sleep. In a sense, that is what marriage is about-a good marriage-a total trusting with your heart, your mind, your life.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Husband

“…eerie in a way it is nowhere else in the world, the flats receding and the low hills rising as if they are just fields of mist and walls of fog, illusions of shapes and dimensions, reflections of reflections, and those reflections only reflections of a dream.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Husband

“The secret is not to think, we think in words. And what lies beyond the reality we see is a truth that words can't contain, the secret is to feel.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Husband

“Love scrubs the worst stains clean. Anyway, there can be no retreat in the face of evil, only resistance. And commitment.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from The Husband


About the author

Dean Koontz
Born place: in Everett, Pennsylvania, The United States
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