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Tricia Rayburn ·  344 pages

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“And then you run. Because the only thing worse than her being gone is that you're still here.”
― Tricia Rayburn, quote from Siren

“You know when you're floating on your back in the lake, the water rises and falls against your ears? So that for half a second you can hear everything around you and then for the other half a second everything's muted? It almost feels like your suspended between two worlds.”
― Tricia Rayburn, quote from Siren

“So you're, like crazy, in love. You open your eyes in the morning and your first thought is her. You wonder how she is. What she's doing. When you can see her again. Those thoughts stay with you all day. You share them with whoever will listen — including your best friends, who of course respect you but, after a while, out of the kind of concern only real friends have, seriously question your sanity. And you make all sorts of plans — big plans, like, post-high school — when the rest of us can barely wrap our heads around the fact that we only two years left to get a clue.
You live and breath this girl. You talk about her all the time, you hang out with your friends less and less, you're blind to other girls, no matter how hot or into you they are — and some of them are extremely hot and into you — and eventually, you break and actually say you love her.
Not only that, you tell your friends you love her. Which, as you know, is about as major as you can get.
Your friends may think you're a little out there, but they know you wouldn't be for any other girl. It's just because it's her. She's different.
This girl is it for you. Food, water, oxygen, sleep — all details.”
― Tricia Rayburn, quote from Siren

“The way my heart raced like I was being chased through the woods even though I wasn't scared at all.”
― Tricia Rayburn, quote from Siren

“It was as if Simon had become my nightlight; even when he wasn't with me, he was illuminating the world so that I no longer feared it.”
― Tricia Rayburn, quote from Siren

“Everything is something worth considering - even if it's eventually ruled out" -Simon”
― Tricia Rayburn, quote from Siren

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