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10+ quotes from Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines

Quotes from Hold on Tight

Abbi Glines ·  288 pages

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“He’ll see that if you love a woman, you fight like hell to hold on to her. And you don’t fucking walk away when things get tough.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“You’re one of the best men I know. You wear your tats and piercings and those damn leather bracelets that only you could get away with. But inside you are one big teddy bear. When someone you love needs you, there is nothing you won’t do for them. When I needed you, you were always there. I’ve never questioned your heart. It’s made of fucking gold, and we all know it. We laugh at your crude jokes and snide comments because we know they mean nothing. It’s part of your shield. Underneath, I don’t know many men that compare. You’re one of the best, Dewayne. One of the best.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“Women were fucking complicated, but the right one turned the shit in life to gold with a simple smile.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“Because you’re mine. And I’m so fucking yours.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“I’ve known you all my life. And I’ve never seen you treat anyone the way you treat Sienna. Not when we were in high school and not now. She’s your one. The one who reaches you. The one who makes you different.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“I’d just known I wanted her happy. It was important to me.

But I knew why now. She was special. The kind of special that is hard to find in this life. The kind of special most people don’t get to touch. It’s the rare kind that, when you find it, you know it’s worth fighting for.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“They weren't mine, but in my heart they were.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“The journey may not be easy, but when you find the one to take it with, then you can do anything.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“This one spot. All over. Fuck, Sienna, I don’t know if I can go slow. I want to so much, but right now I just wanna be inside you.”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

“Because hearing you laugh makes everything okay”
― Abbi Glines, quote from Hold on Tight

About the author

Abbi Glines
Born place: in Birmingham, Alabama
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