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30+ quotes from Significance by Shelly Crane

Quotes from Significance

Shelly Crane ·  387 pages

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“You don’t love people for what they can give you. You don’t love them because of what they do for you or how good you make them look. Love is blind, love does not boast, love is not vain.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“I saw something in you that I couldn't live without. I chose you, inside of me, and you chose me. It's not one sided, it only works when both people choose the other. You are perfect for me in every way.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“Because you are my significant, my soul mate. And I'm yours.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“It's my job as best friend to make sure he's not a serial killer. Or an English major, not sure which one's worse.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“His eyes opened and he smiled at me like he understood everything, like I was everything.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“Why not get married and get started on your life?"
"You’ve thought about this already, haven’t you?"
"Of course I have. Caleb leaned to hover over me on his elbows and looked seriously at me. “I’ve thought about it every since you first touched me and I knew you were mine.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“Gran, I'm only gonna ask this once. Please don't have sex talks with me, ok? Especially with Maggie in the room. Do you think we could do that?”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“If this was Harry Potter, he'd definitely be in Slytherin”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“In the words of some really beautiful smart girl I know, just give me what I want," Caleb whispered.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“It wasn't long before I had the urge to glance inside. I then had a slight moment of panic. Number one, Big John was walking out the door with a meat cleaver gleaming in his hand. Yes, a meat cleaver.
Number two, he was glaring at Caleb like he was the devil himself.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“But... we will always be drawn together. We'll always crave each other. We'll always be in tune with each other, physically and mentally. There is nothing that can change or break that. And even if there was, I wouldn't want to. Not for the world.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“I wanted someone to want me in all ways and someone who I wanted the same in return, And I'd found him.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“You're his mate, his one, his partner, his companion, his soul mate, the person he'll be with forever.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“I'll always come for you. I'll always find you.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“It's rooted in my blood to consume you and be consumed by you. To protect you. To please you, in every way. To make you shiver when I touch you. To cause your heart to beat faster.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“I did that girly little sighing thing you do when you can't handle all the sweetness anymore and bit my lip.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“You almost got hit by a truck because you were checking me out?" I joked and he laughed loudly.
"Yeah. Good thing you saved me. It would have been your fault if I didn't make it," he said through a grin.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“I'm not a baker so I'm not about to sugar coat it for you.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“The one girl I thought I'd risk it for." He stuck one finger into the air to drive home his point. "The one girl and you stole her right out from under me! Literally!”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“Sweetheart. Are you trying to kill me?”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“... I tried to glare at him but I felt terrible and I’m sure I didn’t pull it off. He was handsome, which irked me. His hair and eyes were dark and he couldn’t be more than forty five. If this was Harry Potter, he’d definitely be in Slytherin.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“Dad, he's different. He's not going to take advantage of me."
"I hope not, 'cause I'd hate to go to prison for murder."
I laughed and went to hug him but he wasn't amused.
"Dad, I'll be ok. Caleb is a nice guy and very responsible. I promise you I won't do anything stupid and neither will he. I'm sure he wants to stay alive and keep his limbs intact. Ok?"
"Ok," he conceded with a sigh.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“Alright. Have fun. I'm out. Text me if you need me." She leaned to whisper in my ear. "Do you remember the code for a 911 emergency date exit?"
She pulled back to look at me seriously.
"Uh, 911?"
"Good girl." She smiled at me and then at Caleb. Have fun you two!" She waved over her shoulder.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“What are you doing here, Bish?" I asked as Caleb asked Kyle the same question but with much more edge to his tone.
"I'm your chaperone," Kyle said grinning in clear enjoyment of the situation and Caleb's reaction.
"And I'm his," Bish muttered and glared at us. "They couldn't spare anyone else so I volunteered to come. Kyle insisted on coming too. So here we are. What are you doing?"
"We were just about to go to the beach," I answered.
"Great. I'll go put on my suit," Kyle said chipperly and flung his duffel bag on the club chair before running upstairs.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“I like your room," I said truthfully.
"Yeah? I like it too. Mom tried to guy it all up when I left for school but..."
"Guy it all up?" I asked, cocking a questioning brow at him.
"Yeah. When I came back my first break from college, she had decorated everything in swimming. Water waves bedspread. Michael Phelps posters, my old trophies and medals on my shelf. She even had a poster over my bed that said 'Swimmers Do It Right'." I laughed and then covered it with my hand. "Yeah, so I fixed it. I like things plain, not loud.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“It’s you,” he whispered in wonder. “You’re the one.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“There has never even been an imprint between rival clans before, ever.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“You? Favorite thing to do?” “, I guess. I’m a nerd.” “I like to read too, that doesn’t make you a nerd. Unless you’re calling me one.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“I’m not a baker, so I’m not about to sugar coat it for you.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance

“Awesome, because,” he let our lips graze, “as good as you taste, green eyes, I need some real food.”
― Shelly Crane, quote from Significance


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