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Kathy Reichs ·  496 pages

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“You'll start talking, and pretty soon we'll all start nodding, and then the next thing you know, I'm hang gliding off the Eiffel Tower at night, being chased by ninja vampires”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“We did just leave an insane asylum,” Hi agreed. “For all we know, Chance spend his nights dancing naked with sock puppets, plotting to invade Canada.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Tory a father isn’t supposed to fear his fourteen-year-old daughter. That being sad, you terrify me.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Ahh! Lady Pillows. So much fluffier than mine.” He took a giant whiff. “Why does everything girlie smell so delightful?” “Because we acknowledge the importance of basic hygiene. And periodically clean our bathrooms.” “Brilliant. I should write that down. After all, it takes a village.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Amazing.” Hi stripped off his shirt, wrung it out. “Score one for your honker.” “Thanks, I think.” I cocked my chin at Hi’s substantial midsection. “Nice abs.” “Yeah, I work out twice a month. No expectations. But stop hitting on me, it’s embarrassing.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Ben locked his eyes on mine for a long moment. Then, “How?” “How do you think?” I smiled, then slapped him full across the face”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“I’m adding ‘canine’ to my searches,” I said. “And ‘instinct.’” “Whatever. I’m adding ‘lunatic.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Observing Ben’s struggle, Hi scratched his chin. Glanced at me. Shrugged. Then he quietly slipped around behind Ben. And, without ceremony, kicked him in the ass. Hard”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Ben yanked Hi sideways as spikes snapped from the wall…Once again, only Ben’s reflexes had saved him. “Please stop doing that!” Ben barked. “Please keep doing that!” Hi warbled.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Fine. Everybody wears seatbelts. No radio. No distractions.” Ben shot Hi a stern look. “No running commentary.” “Your loss,” Hi said. “To the pimp ride!”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“I have a cotillion event. Some yacht-club charity fundraiser thingy. Whitney is insisting, and Kit took her side.” Three wide smiles. “Oh shut up.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“As a pirate, she once undressed a fencing instructor using only her sword!”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“I rolled my eyes. “Kit is looking for a job in Nova Scotia.”
“Canada?” Despite everything, Hi chuckled. “Have a good time, eh? Don’t fight with any moose. Meese. Whatever.”
“Shut up.” Against all expectation, I giggled. At least I had my friends.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Hi, already doused, was nonchalant. “Did the bad Indian throw you in the water, boy?” Taking a knee, he ruffled Coop’s ears. “Been there.”
Hi was referring to Ben’s claim of ties to the Sewee, a North American clan folded into the Catawba tribe centuries ago. He’d even named his boat Sewee.
“I feel your pain,” Hi continued. “Thanksgiving was a huge mistake.”
Coop licked Hi’s face.
“Not nice,” I joked. “You’ll sour Jewish-Sewee relations.”
“It’s true, I take it back,” Hi said. “Our peoples have a rich history of mutual respect. Long live the alliance!”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Myers was not a neighborhood to visit on a lark.
Hi reached over and hit the door locks.
“Next right,” Shelton said. Then, “There, on the left. Bates Pawn-and-Trade.”
“Are we one hundred percent sure about exiting the vehicle?” Hi’s voice was a bit high. “It might not be here when we get back.”
“I’ll park right in front.” Ben also sounded tense.
“We’ll be fine,” I said. “In and out.”
“That’s what she said,” Hi mumbled, hauling himself from the car.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Did you smell her?” Hi asked.
I nodded. Downwind, I’d picked up Whisper’s scent at thirty yards.
“Amazing.” Hi stripped off his shirt, wrung it out “Score one for your honker.”
“Thanks, I think.” I cocked my chin at Hi’s substantial midsection. “Nice abs.”
“Yeah, I work out twice a month. No exceptions. But stop hitting on me, it’s embarrassing.”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

“Bones okay?” Kit slouched, feet propped on the coffee table. “That’s fine.” We watched in silence, side by side, occasionally chuckling at some of the jokes. I”
― Kathy Reichs, quote from Seizure

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