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9+ quotes from Say Cheese and Die! by R.L. Stine

Quotes from Say Cheese and Die!

R.L. Stine ·  144 pages

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“The next day, Greg is so large that he cannot even ride the car to school because he can't fit in the car. His parents believe this to have been caused by a food allergy and resolve to take him to the doctor later.”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“You guys are just jealous because i'm a natural athlete and you can't cross the street without falling on your face." -(Bird) Doug”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“He didn’t like being the sensible one of the group. Everyone always made fun of the sensible one. He’d rather be the wild and crazy one. But, somehow, he always ended up sensible.”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“I think it’s broken,” Greg said, holding on to the camera. “The photos just don’t come out right. It’s hard to explain.”
“Maybe it’s not the photos. Maybe it’s the photographer,” Shari teased.
“Maybe I’ll take a photo of you getting a knuckle sandwich,” Greg threatened. He raised the camera to his eye and pointed it at her.
“Snap that, and I’ll take a picture of you eating the camera,” Shari threatened playfully.”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“Bird didn’t move.
Shari and Greg, running side by side at full speed, reached him together.
“Bird?” Shari knelt down beside him. “Bird?”
Bird opened one eye. “Gotcha,” he said quietly. The weird half-smile formed on his face, and he exploded in high-pitched laughter.
It took Shari and Greg a while to react. They both stood open-mouthed, gaping at their laughing friend.
Then, his heart beginning to slow to normal, Greg reached down, grabbed Bird with both hands, and pulled him roughly to his feet.
“I’ll hold him while you hit him,” Greg offered, holding Bird from behind.”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“Despite the loud booing from Shari and Greg, Bird managed to punch the ball past the shortstop for a single.
“Lucky hit!” Greg yelled, cupping his hands into a megaphone.
Bird pretended not to hear him.”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“What was the truth about the camera? he wondered.
Does the camera show the future?
Or does it actually cause bad things to happen?”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“Greg had been nearly out the door, on his way next door to Shari’s birthday party, when the phone rang.
“Hi, Greg. Why aren’t you on your way to my party?” Shari had asked when he’d run to pick up the receiver.
“Because I’m on the phone with you,” Greg had replied dryly.”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

“Well . . . maybe I can sneak out for a few minutes,” Bird said, lowering his voice. And then Greg heard him shout to his mother: “It’s no one, Ma! I’m talking to no one!”
Boy, that’s quick thinking! Greg thought sarcastically. He’s a worse liar than I am.
And then he heard Bird call to his mom: “I know I’m on the phone. But I’m not talking to anyone. It’s only Greg.”
Thanks a lot, pal, Greg thought.”
― R.L. Stine, quote from Say Cheese and Die!

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R.L. Stine
Born place: in Columbus, Ohio, The United States
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