6+ quotes from The Last Time They Met by Anita Shreve

Quotes from The Last Time They Met

Anita Shreve ·  325 pages

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“the enduring struggle to capture in words the infinite possibilities of a life not lived.”
― Anita Shreve, quote from The Last Time They Met

“I have always been faithful to you if faithful means the experience against which everything else has been measured.”
― Anita Shreve, quote from The Last Time They Met

“That I have no right to be jealous is irrelevant. It is a human passion: the sick, white underbelly of love.”
― Anita Shreve, quote from The Last Time They Met

“The weight of his losses finally too much to bear.

But not before he has known the unforgiving light of the equator, a love that exists only in his imagination, and the enduring struggle to capture in words the infinite possibilities of a life not lived.”
― Anita Shreve, quote from The Last Time They Met

“It was probably not so unusual to be a different person with a different man, for all parts were authentically within, waiting to be coaxed out by one person or another”
― Anita Shreve, quote from The Last Time They Met

“She felt with the shiver the rare sensation that she was exactly where she should be. She was an idea, a memory, one perfect possibility out of an infinite number.”
― Anita Shreve, quote from The Last Time They Met

About the author

Anita Shreve
Born place: in Dedham, Massachusetts
Born date October 7, 1946
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