Quotes from Oh. My. Gods.

Tera Lynn Childs ·  272 pages

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“Pain is weakness leaving the body”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.

“Her purse is like Mary Poppins's bag - it holds way more than should be possible.”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.

“But revenge is hollow. I'd prefer amnesia.”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.

“You’ll get over being mad at me.”
“Not likely.”
Step, step, step—
“I promise not to gloat about it when you do.”
“I won’t.”
Step, step, step—
“Because I want to be with you so badly I don’t care if you’re screaming at me the whole time as long as I’m with you.”
I stop dead in my tracks.”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.

To: lostphoebe@theacademy.gr
From: gblake@theacademy.gr
Subject: If I could do it over...
...I wouldn't treat you so badly.
I'm sorry.
Today wasn't about the bet.
Give me another chance.

Just like him: brief, cryptic, and full of crap.”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.

“I've survived beach bunny cheerleaders, a sluthunting , ex-boyfriend, and five years of cross-country camp. I'm not afraid of some throwback to ancient myth with astrocious highlights and a Barbra Streisand nose.”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.

“E-mail can be so impersonal - and so open to interpretation.”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.

“A fairy tale,” he says, “is a story we wish were true.”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.

“If he’s not going to apologize, I’m not going to be more than barely civil. I realize he is a boy and predisposed to abhor admitting he’s wrong. He, however, has given me no reason to stick my neck out.”
― Tera Lynn Childs, quote from Oh. My. Gods.


About the author

Tera Lynn Childs
Born place: Anoka, MN, The United States
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