Quotes from Resisting Temptation

K.C. Lynn ·  438 pages

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“Some of the best things in life are the unexplainable.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“Why do you have eawings in yowr boobs?” she asks, staring at my nipple rings. Jesus, is this kid for real? “Guys don’t have boobs,” I tell her firmly. “Yes, dey do, dey’re just wittle ones.” “No, they’re called nipples, not boobs.” She shrugs. “Fine. Why do you have eawings in dem?” I think about it for a minute, not knowing how to reply, so I opt for the simple truth. “Because I wanted to.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed. It soothes the mind and gives it rest. It heals the heart and makes it whole. It flows from heaven to heal the soul.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“you have got to be shitting me. You too? Why is it every time someone new comes here, they belong to one of you assholes?”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“You know…the kiss. The one you feel through your whole body as soon as your lips touch theirs and everything that is going on around you falls away. You could be in the busiest, noisiest place but everything becomes silent and time seems to stand still. It’s as if, in that moment, you’re the only two people on the planet. It’s that one kiss that you will remember for the rest of your life and you will never have another one like it unless it’s with that same person because it was the kiss.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“We move quickly, shoving the empty wrappers out of sight. I hear her faint footsteps climb the stairs and realize I still have my burger in hand. Before I can think better of it, I pull the collar of Ruthie’s top open and throw it down her shirt.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“I never needed anything to remember you by, Red, I would have never forgotten you.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“Something softer flashes in his gaze right before he says: “That’s because you’re mine, Red. You always have been, even when you were miles away, and every part of you knows it.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“Whatever. If she’s only here to get laid then the bitch is barking up the wrong tree. Because unless she has green eyes, red hair and flawless skin with a light dusting of freckles, then my dick does not want it… Stupid fucking dick.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“I know I don’t deserve this,” he says roughly, “but I’m going to be a selfish bastard and take it. Because I’ve been dying to kiss, taste and fuck every inch of you since I found you singing in that field a week ago.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“Digging my phone out of my pocket, I see it’s from Evans. Pain in my ass: Where the fuck are you? I’m serious. Get your ass here or I will fuck you up.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“Remember what happened last time, when someone wanted to get revenge on me when I made them look bad?” Pain and fury flashes in his gaze before he shakes his head. “Never again, Red. You hear me? Never fucking again.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation

“careful how much you push me, Red. You’re fucking lucky we are in a park full of kids right now. That’s about the only thing saving you at the moment.”
― K.C. Lynn, quote from Resisting Temptation


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