Quotes from After the Funeral

Agatha Christie ·  256 pages

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“For in the long run, either through a lie, or through truth, people were bound to give themselves away …”
― Agatha Christie, quote from After the Funeral

“Yes, yes-you will give him the earth-because you love him. Love him too much for safety or for happiness. But you cannot give to people what they are incapable of receiving.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from After the Funeral

“To see ourselves as others see us!”
― Agatha Christie, quote from After the Funeral

“It is a profound belief of mine that if you can induce a person to talk to you for long enough, on any subject whatever! sooner or later they will give themselves away.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from After the Funeral

“I may," said Poirot in a completely unconvinced tone, "be wrong."
Morton smiled. "But that doesn't often happen to you?"
"No. Though I will admit - yes, I am forced to admit - that it has happened to me."
"I must say I'm glad to hear it! To be always right must be sometimes monotonous."
"I do not find it so," Poirot assured him.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from After the Funeral

“Funerals are absolutely fatal for a man of your age.”
― Agatha Christie, quote from After the Funeral

“He said at last, when Miss Gilchrist had twittered into silence:”
― Agatha Christie, quote from After the Funeral

About the author

Agatha Christie
Born place: in Torquay, Devon, England, The United Kingdom
Born date September 15, 1890
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