Quotes from Midnight Alias

Elle Kennedy ·  345 pages

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“Are you in the bath?" Luke demanded.
Heat suffused her face. "Yeah. Why?"
"So you're naked."
Olivia couldn't help but laugh. "That's what usually happens in a bathtub. Or do you keep your clothes on when you bathe?"
"No, I don't keep my clothes on." He sounded frazzled. "And I don't do baths. I shower. "Baths take too long."
"And you're the kind of guy who can't waste time, right? You need the action."
"Pretty much." There was a suggestive pause. "You don't like action?"
She grinned to herself. "You're incorrigible.”
― Elle Kennedy, quote from Midnight Alias

“How's this for honesty?" Luke said abruptly. "I want you..."
"I don't have sex with men I've just met," she murmured.
He rested his hands on her hips, the warmth of his touch searing her flesh. "Would you consider making an exception?”
― Elle Kennedy, quote from Midnight Alias

“When she finally crashed back to earth, Luke's dark eyes were focused on her face. "Did you really just come?" he demanded, his voice a cross between a growl and a groan.
She let out a ragged breath. "Uh-huh."
"Fuck, that's hot." He ground his pelvis into her. "Do it again.”
― Elle Kennedy, quote from Midnight Alias

“He laughed, slow and sexy. "Darlin', the only way this is ending is with me buried inside you.”
― Elle Kennedy, quote from Midnight Alias

“He felt like a damn Thanksgiving feast, sprawled there on the bed while she ate him up with her smoldering gaze. He could tell she like everything she saw, especially when her fingers circled his erection and she let out a soft sigh.
"This really isn't fair," he choked out. "I was trying to be a gentleman, and you've ruined everything.”
― Elle Kennedy, quote from Midnight Alias

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"Eve." He lifted a hand, not quite steady, skimmed his fingers along her jaw. "Eve," he said again, and his arms were around her, banded like steel as he lifted her off her feet. "Oh God. Eve."

She felt the shudder run through him as he buried his face in her hair, against the curve of her neck. And knew she'd been right to come. Whatever else there was, she'd been right to come.

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