Quotes from Magic Tree House: #1-4

Mary Pope Osborne ·  80 pages

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“frantically. Where was his backpack? “Go!” said a guard, giving him a push. Jack went. Down they marched, down the long, dark hallway. Squinty, Annie, Mustache, Jack, and Red. Down a narrow, winding staircase. Jack heard Annie shouting at the guards. “Dummies! Meanies! We didn’t do anything!” The guards laughed. They didn’t take her seriously at all. At the bottom of the stairs was a big iron door with a bar across it. Squinty pushed the bar off the door. Then he shoved at the door. It creaked open. Jack and Annie were pushed into a cold, clammy room. The fiery torch lit the dungeon. There were chains hanging from the filthy walls. Water dripped from the ceiling, making puddles on the stone floor. It was”
― Mary Pope Osborne, quote from Magic Tree House: #1-4

“Jack. “It’s a picture of these woods!”
― Mary Pope Osborne, quote from Magic Tree House: #1-4

“castle. Let’s go see.” “Wait,” said Jack. He turned more pages of the book. “I want to see what’s really going on, Jack. Not what’s in the book,” said Annie. “But look at this!” said Jack. He pointed to a picture of a big party. Men were standing by the door, playing drums and horns. He read: Fanfares were played to announce different dishes in a feast. Feasts were held in the Great Hall. “You can look at the book. I’m going to the real feast,” said Annie. “Wait,” said Jack, studying the picture. It showed boys his age carrying trays of food. Whole pigs. Pies. Peacocks with all their feathers. Peacocks? Jack wrote:”
― Mary Pope Osborne, quote from Magic Tree House: #1-4

About the author

Mary Pope Osborne
Born place: in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, The United States
Born date May 20, 1949
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