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Quotes from The King's Traitor

Jeff Wheeler ·  384 pages

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“Memories had painful edges that could still cut.”
― Jeff Wheeler, quote from The King's Traitor

“We learn much through suffering,” she said. “But I think what we learn most is who we really are. I’ve known the true you for some time, Owen. But you were like a chick struggling to escape its shell. Now you’re free to grow and become what the Fountain intended you to become. You may have thought what the Fountain forced you to endure was unpleasant, even cruel. But now you know yourself. Now you know what you would have chosen without any foreknowledge of the consequences. That’s why I couldn’t tell you, Owen.”
― Jeff Wheeler, quote from The King's Traitor

“were your men treated?” Ashby shrugged. “There were so many from so many different countries, I don’t think we stood out. When we got back, the palace staff looked like they wanted to spit on us, but the people down below knew nothing of our arrival. Nary a word about it.” “Thank you, Ashby,” Owen said, finishing his work. He stood and buckled his scabbard around his waist. “So what you’re saying is the kingdom is vulnerable.”
― Jeff Wheeler, quote from The King's Traitor

“Then she lifted her head and looked into his eyes with a fierceness that startled him. She pushed away and lifted the cowl to hide her face. “I’ll be back before dawn,” she whispered. “Bolt the door.” “I told Kevan that I needed”
― Jeff Wheeler, quote from The King's Traitor

“Owen saw the tray and smiled, nodding and gesturing to the desk. Kevan popped one of the berries into his mouth and blinked in surprise. “Quite tasty. I’ve heard good reports about the berries of that land. Perhaps you can arrange a change in my assignment once you become the Duke of Brythonica?” Owen smiled and scooped up a few berries himself. They were delicious and sweet, so very sweet they made him blink in surprise. “Are you so anxious to leave Kingfountain, Kevan?”
― Jeff Wheeler, quote from The King's Traitor

“Then he drew the blade, Firebos. As it cleared the scabbard, the sky rumbled with thunder.”
― Jeff Wheeler, quote from The King's Traitor

“There were only more ravens. A whole unkindness of them. He smirked at the thought. Evie had once told him about the various names used to describe groupings of birds. It had taken her nearly an hour to recite them all.”
― Jeff Wheeler, quote from The King's Traitor

“I was rude, cantankerous, and unkempt.” “You still are,” the king said snidely.”
― Jeff Wheeler, quote from The King's Traitor

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