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“It was odd how you could love something so much, but forget about it when it wasn’t right under your nose.”
― Karin Slaughter, quote from Kisscut

“Yeah?” “I miss the way you taste.” She tried to sound bored. “It’s still Colgate.” “That’s not the taste I was talking about.”
― Karin Slaughter, quote from Kisscut

“This sheriff goes into a saloon and says, “I’m lookin’ for a cowboy wearing a brown paper vest and brown paper pants.’ He waited a beat, making sure Sara was listening. ‘The bartender says, “What’s he wanted for?” And the sheriff says, “Rustling.”
― Karin Slaughter, quote from Kisscut

“Okay. Good.’ He fumbled for his keys and held them out to her, but she did not take”
― Karin Slaughter, quote from Kisscut

“As if they could understand what she had been through. As if they knew what it was like to be strong and invincible one day and completely powerless the next.”
― Karin Slaughter, quote from Kisscut

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Karin Slaughter
Born place: in The United States
Born date January 6, 2018
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