7+ quotes from The Children of the New Forest by Frederick Marryat

Quotes from The Children of the New Forest

Frederick Marryat ·  300 pages

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“The pen is a poor exchange for the long-barreled gun." "It does more execution, nevertheless,”
― Frederick Marryat, quote from The Children of the New Forest

“Horses, and all animals indeed, know that there is no place like home; it is a pity that men who consider themselves much wiser, have not the same consideration,”
― Frederick Marryat, quote from The Children of the New Forest

“I very sorry now, Missy Edith—but cat bite me," said Pablo. "Well, if pussy did, it didn't hurt you much; and what did I tell you this morning out of the Bible?—that you must forgive them who behave ill to you." "Yes, Missy Edith, you tell me all that, and so I do; I forgive pussy 'cause she bite me, but I kick her for it." "That's not forgiveness, is it, Edward? You should have forgiven it at once, and not kicked it at all." "Miss Edith, when pussy bite me, pussy hurt me, make me angry, and I give her a kick; then I think what you tell me, and I do as you tell me. I forgive pussy with all my heart.”
― Frederick Marryat, quote from The Children of the New Forest

“it is an old saying, that you must not work a willing horse to death.”
― Frederick Marryat, quote from The Children of the New Forest

“Women are riddles—I only argued upon the common sense of the thing.”
― Frederick Marryat, quote from The Children of the New Forest

“—to wit, 'the sweat of the brow.”
― Frederick Marryat, quote from The Children of the New Forest

“There is a great difference between the world such as we fancy it when we are pining for it, and the world when we actually are placed within the vortex, and perceive the secret springs of men's actions.”
― Frederick Marryat, quote from The Children of the New Forest

About the author

Frederick Marryat
Born place: in London, England
Born date July 10, 1792
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