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“Most descriptions of Mimi that have appeared in print were based on interviews with her – she outlived John by eleven years. She loved to fuel the image of the stern but loving aunt who provided the secure backdrop to John’s success. But that wasn’t the Mimi I knew. She battered away at John’s self-confidence and left him angry and hurt.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“Those weeks in Hamburg were among the happiest times John and I had together. We were free and in love, life was full of promise and the sun shone.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“Pete was getting on the others’ nerves. It wasn’t that he did anything wrong: he was a nice guy and a good enough drummer. It was simply that his personality was different: he preferred to sit on his own rather than join in with the others’ non-stop banter.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“Although George was quieter than the others too, when it came to banter he could give as good as he got. Just when you thought he wasn’t listening to one of John’s wicked teases he’d shoot back a withering line that had everyone in stitches.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“Outside, the rain was bucketing down. We ran along the street, laughing at the madness of it all, and burst into Reece’s, where we had to queue for the set lunch of soup, chicken and trifle. Reece’s had no licence so, when we finally got a table, we toasted ourselves with water. But we didn’t care: we were on a high. A full church wedding with all the extras couldn’t have made me happier.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“Once again John and I kissed good-bye.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“I met Brian soon after he had signed the Beatles. He was charming, polite, well spoken and I liked him. He accepted that I was John’s girlfriend, but he told John that it would be better if all girlfriends kept a low profile. I didn’t mind because I had no interest in the limelight. As long as I could be”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“I met Brian soon after he had signed the Beatles. He was charming, polite, well spoken and I liked him. He accepted that I was John’s girlfriend, but he told John that it would be better if all girlfriends kept a low profile. I didn’t mind because I had no interest in the limelight. As long as I could be with John, I was content to stay in the shadows.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“He took them to London on New Year’s Eve, while Brian went by train. Like the rest of the boys, Neil had never been to London.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“In March Brian heard that Decca weren’t interested. The chap he spoke to told him groups with guitars were on the way out and they didn’t like the boys’ sound.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“Then one morning the nightmare happened. John and I were in bed together when I heard the landlady calling up the stairs – she was coming to empty the meter, which was in my room. We panicked. I wrapped myself in a sheet and fled into Dot’s room, leaving John to his fate. I heard the landlady go in and, a few minutes later, come out and go back down the stairs. Baffled, I went back into my room. No sign of John. It took me a minute or two to work out that he was under the large pile of blankets, coats and clothing on the bed. He’d grabbed whatever he could see from around the room and piled it on top of himself. Gasping for air and red-faced, he crawled out, cursing the landlady. We thought we’d got away with it – until”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“John and Paul always had a special link between them, a chemistry that added to the heat: they knew intuitively how to share the stage and the limelight, how to spar with each other and how to play the audience so that the girls went wild.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“was grateful, relieved and happy. I’d have understood if he had walked away, although it would have hurt. And although I hadn’t thought about marriage yet – believing we had years in which to make that kind of decision – I was certain that I loved him and wanted to be with him. So, on a summer’s night in my little room, John and I decided to marry, have our baby and become a family together. We loved each other and it was what we both wanted, even if it had been forced on us far sooner than we’d have wished.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“My feelings for John were very different from those I’d had for any other boy: more powerful, more exciting and totally unshakeable. And I sensed in John the same strong feelings. Perhaps each of us recognised and was drawn to a deep need in the other. But at the time I didn’t analyse it. I simply felt certain that this was no passing fling. It was real love.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“he had been left so painfully as a child and was terrified that it would happen again.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“George’s father was a bus driver and he was planning to buy him his own bus.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“events. First, just after I sat my finals at art college, the boys’ breakthrough arrived: after almost two months of agonising, they heard that George Martin wanted them to sign a contract with Parlophone Records. We”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

“the boys wanted someone they could have a laugh with, someone who shared their irreverent sense of humour.”
― Cynthia Lennon, quote from John

About the author

Cynthia Lennon
Born place: in Blackpool, Lancashire, The United Kingdom
Born date September 10, 1939
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