11+ quotes from Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton

Quotes from Judas Unchained

Peter F. Hamilton ·  827 pages

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“But to have dreamed the dream is to have flown above the mountains so high in all but deed.”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“Are you sure it is trustworthy, Mellanie?"
"I'd be dead if it wasn't."
"yes. I suppose that does generate a respectable level of personsal confidence”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“The universe was not built on integrity. In the face of weakness, force can and will triumph. All you can do is choose who wields that force. Us or the Starflyer.”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“I don’t get it. There’s nothing here. Send your invasion force halfway across the galaxy so they can build a five star ski resort? That’s crazy.”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“During the Trinity test of the very first atom bomb, Fermi wondered if the detonation would ignite the Earth’s atmosphere. They just didn’t know, you see. We think the quantum disruption won’t propagate. If it does, then the whole universe gets converted into energy.”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“Any species possessing this kind of knowledge base is best left unannoyed.”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“Their electronics are still back in the Stone Age.”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“Like the original concept, the stormrider had rectangular blades, sixteen of them radiating out from the hub, each one a flat lattice of struts twenty-five kilometers long, made from the toughest steelsilicon fibers the Commonwealth knew how to manufacture. Twenty-three kilometers of them were covered by an ultra-thin silvered foil, giving a total surface area of over one thousand eight hundred square kilometers for the solar wind to impact on. Even in an ordinary solar system environment that would have produced a considerable torque. In the Half Way system the stormrider was positioned at the Lagrange point between the red star and its neutron companion, right in the middle of the plasma current, where the ion density was orders of magnitude thicker than any normal solar wind. The power the stormrider produced when it was in the thick of the flow was enough to operate the wormhole generator. But it couldn’t simply sit at the Lagrange point producing electricity continuously; that would have been too much like perpetual motion. As the waves of plasma pushed against it, they exerted an unremitting pressure on the blades that blew the stormrider away from the Lagrange point out toward the neutron star. So for five hours the two sets of blades would turn in opposite directions, generating electricity for the Port Evergreen wormhole that was delivered via a zero-width wormhole. The stormrider also stored some of the power, so that at the end of the five hours when it was out of alignment, it had enough of a reserve to fire its onboard thrusters, moving itself even farther out of the main plasma stream where the pressure was reduced. From there it chased a simple fifteen-hour loop back around through open space to the Lagrange point, where the cycle would begin again.”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“just how naïve could a porn star be?”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“I don’t understand why you need verbal trickery to ensnare a temporary mate,” Tochee said. “Are you not attracted to each other by what you are?”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

“Ozzie hurriedly loaded in restrictions that would stop the boy wading through porn all night long—”
― Peter F. Hamilton, quote from Judas Unchained

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Peter F. Hamilton
Born place: in Rutland, England, The United Kingdom
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