Quotes from Rootless

Chris Howard ·  336 pages

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“Because even when there is no hope, somehow you can still find a place to pin inside the things that you need.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“I knew it was a day of endings, one way or another.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“I felt naked beneath the wildness of her eyes. I felt alive. Unknown. And I knew then that the world contained so many things I would never understand.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“I gripped against her like she was metal and I was all full of lightning, charged up and jagged and of that moment alone.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“You take what you can get, I reckon. You take what you can get.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“You couldn't make up something that looked so right.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“I reckoned some things you do best to remember. But sometimes it's best to forget.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“So much death.
So many hearts turned to stone and days that were stolen. The last things living and we were just ripping each other in pieces that could never again be put back whole.
It ends here, I swore to myself. It must end here.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“I studied the dusty street, the plastic walls and dries patches of piss. And I guess it was being left with just shantytowns and Steel Cities that got folk started with the tree building. Because even for the rich freaks, life's ugly. But build a tree, and you got something worth looking at. Something worth believing in.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“All ways are the worst way.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless

“Zion. Trees. You're talking about heaven, boy. We be heading to hell.'

'I don't know,' I said. 'Could be one's really just the same as the other.”
― Chris Howard, quote from Rootless


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Chris Howard
Born place: The United Kingdom
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