Quotes from Paradise Valley

Dale Cramer ·  359 pages

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“Other than God’s grace, I don’t know. It was just there when I needed it, that’s all.” “You don’t know.” Mary shook her head in quiet amazement. “Well then, it’s a gift. That’s the only explanation.” In her heart Rachel was thrilled and terrified at being filled with a sense not her own. That Gott had given her that sense at the very moment when Emma needed her was indeed a gift.”
― Dale Cramer, quote from Paradise Valley

“Even the actual printing of the final draft fell to her, as her dat doubted that anyone could decipher his herky-jerky farmer’s hand. When she had finished, he signed it.”
― Dale Cramer, quote from Paradise Valley

“Not by power or might, but by the Spirit of the Lord of hosts,” he said. “A father is never prouder of his children than when they make him a little bit ashamed of himself.”
― Dale Cramer, quote from Paradise Valley

“Caleb shook his head. “No, they”
― Dale Cramer, quote from Paradise Valley

“Pah!” Schulman spat, glowering. “I chased him off. Two days ago I found one of my peons sleeping in the barn when he was supposed to be working, and I woke him with a buggy whip. Pelao snatched the whip away from me and threatened me with it, so I ran him off. Good riddance. I never trusted him anyway. There’s nothing worse than an uppity Chichimeca.”
― Dale Cramer, quote from Paradise Valley

“the horse in a stall and walked calmly over to the two of”
― Dale Cramer, quote from Paradise Valley

“Their wagon crawled along over gently rolling humps and swells, generally following the dusty valley floor between and around a maze of overlapping ridges. Thin pine and oak forests covered the lower slopes but never quite reached the red-rock ridgetops. Nor were there many trees down in the dry valleys of prairie grass and sage, where the occasional stunted, wind-rustled corn patch of a mestizo farm huddled against the road, or the mangy dogs of a native village ran out to pester the horses. But even in the afternoon when the road began to climb, winding through gaps in the craggy mountains toward the town of Arteaga, Caleb noted that it was a much better and smoother road than the one from Agua Nueva.”
― Dale Cramer, quote from Paradise Valley

“Jah – or at least I know about him. My father knew him well. They fought together at the battle of Zacatecas, the fiercest battle of the war. There is a rumor that my father fell because El Pantera abandoned him at the wrong time. My father, too, was a great warrior.”
― Dale Cramer, quote from Paradise Valley

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