Quotes from Nightwalker

Jocelynn Drake ·  370 pages

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“I wished for my fairy godmother, the good witch of the north, or some other bitch with a wand.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“You're not the only one who wants my head on a pike at the moment. Take a number and get in line.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“It was nice to see him angry with someone other than me.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“I was beginning to see serious drawbacks to this loyalty thing.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“I had a tendency to forget how handsome he was when I was plotting how to peel his skin from the network of muscles and sinew that danced as he moved.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“I'm a vampire, James, not a self cleaning oven.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“She looked like a mother protecting her child of course, we're talking a half-crazed, bloodthirsty mother.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“Why kill a flower when you can kill a human instead?”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“We’ll find a way,” I whispered. “I always do.”
Danaus leaned forward and brushed a kiss against my temple, sending a wave of peace deep
into the marrow of my bones, helping to ease some of the pain. “And then we’ll kill each other as
God intended.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

“I wished for my fairy godmother, the good witch of the north, or some other bitch with a wand to glide in here and zap these arrow-shooting assholes.”
― Jocelynn Drake, quote from Nightwalker

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