Quotes from Jack & Jill

James Patterson ·  466 pages

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“Always be strong no matter what!”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“Failure isn't falling down, it's staying down.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“The truth has always been far too dangerous for the public to know. The truth didn't usually set people free, it just got them crazier. Most people just couldn't handle the truth.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“Jack and Jill came to the hill
on a grave and somber mission
you've made them mad
the time's so bad
to be a politician"

"Jack and Jill came to hill
to do some deadly deeds
they weren't far wrong
to judge how long
a bleeding liberal bleeds.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“I knew how good love could be -- I knew it was the best thing I'd ever done in my life -- and yet here I was alone. I was taking chances with my life. I kept telling everybody that I was all right, but I wasn't.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“So let's not ruin this by thinking too much about tomorrow. Don't make a wonderful weekend into a bad Monday.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“It was scary. More than Sara could possibly know. More than anybody ought to know, or ever would. History wasn't for the general public--it never had been." ... Just one shot
A professional execution.
Without passion.
Almost without passion." ...
"He held Sara's hand for the last time. And Jill came tumbling after. he thought of the words in the children's rhyme. But Jack would not fall down. The day of ultimate madness had begun. Jack and Jill had finally begun.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“The color of truth is gray.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“Failure isn’t falling down… it’s staying down.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“Men seldom make passes/At girls who wear glasses.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“Unfortunately, two little babies from this school had been murdered in the last week. That made me furiously angry, and it”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“had come into Gate 41, right on schedule.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“but incredibly angry and really, really crazy.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“and what he was truly all about. Thirteen years old. I was still slightly stunned by that. Could a thirteen-year-old”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“He hadn’t even come to the Teddy Roosevelt School with Sampson.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“Welcome to the X-Files meets The Twilight Zone meets the Information Superhighway.”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

“wraparound Wayfarer sunglasses, a shaved head, and small goatee caught our immediate attention in front of the minimart. He was standing next to another man who had a chocolate bar hanging from his mouth like a cigar. The shaved head motioned to me that he wanted to talk to us, but not right there. “You trust that rowdyass?” Sampson asked as we followed at a safe distance. “Alvin Jackson.” “I trust everybody.” I winked. No wink came back from Sampson. “You are badly fucked-up, Sugar,” he said. His eyes were still seriously hooded. “Just trying to do the right thing.” “Ah, yeah, you’re trying too hard, then.” “That’s why you love me.” “Yes, it is,” Sampson said and finally grinned. “If lovin’ you is wrong, I don’t want to be right,” he talk-sang a familiar lyric. We met Roadrunner Alvin Jackson around”
― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

― James Patterson, quote from Jack & Jill

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James Patterson
Born place: in Newburgh, New York, The United States
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